My Slovenia Blues

Many months before I arrived in Slovenia my personal life took a sudden sharp turn for the worse but with time I recover…

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  • The mighty South East coast of #Australia is a great starting point if you wish to travel and explore Australia ( because it's bloody f* huge) and it is beautiful in a thousand ways... whether you love to surf, dense forests, natural streams or buzzing metropolises🙌🏾, the South East Coast can satisfy all your desires. A burst of art in Melbourne, hip vintage markets and the sunset at the Half Moon Bay is a must see. So much to say! Too much to see 😫😅. #southeastaustralia #jervisbay Check out my post collab
  • The portraits of the people in #Benin by Mario Gerth came out beautiful✨. So beautiful. Stunning people. Mario Gerth Drawing lines to Perfectness In Benin, scars on the face –more specifically in the apples of the cheek – represent heritage, ethnicity, beauty or clan ties.I loose my breath marvelling at the portraits. So captivating, every face tells a story and makes you wonder. Check the full collection in my post in my bio 🔝

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