My rejection: First impressions matter

March 18, 2014

I am judged by my appearance and I am pissed.

March, 2014

I’m in a bar, and lets say I’ve dressed better. It’s one of those roll out of bed days, and in need of a vodka orange juice.

So.. I hear the manager whisper something to the waitress and look my way

Could it be because I’m wearing a messy oversized green trample shirt? Or a hat indoors? Or I have a kaki jacket with a bob Marley badge on it… Strange because today is one of my really good days!

So why the cold shoulder?

First impressions matter – its the ugly truth.
These guys don’t wanna know me, and are reluctant to serve me! Ouch!! They will never know that I can buy out the bar. Ah well.. I won’t be doing that, I will just resume this awkwardness of ordering and being looked down on.

(If your going to Marzá, in Barcelona close to via Augusta.. don’t dress like me)

marza celina

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