Do black people travel?

October 6, 2014

A Black Traveler Is The Best Type Of Traveler

I have been traveling for 7 years and have had the best experiences and responses

As my travels deepen the scarcity of seeing more black people concerns me. Its becoming more obvious to me that black people travel much around the world. When I recognise white foreigners amoung my trips I began to wonder where my curious fellow brothers and sisters are?

Is there a particular reason?

Lack of curiosity?
Fear of acceptance?

Racial separation is much more apparent to me when I travel, and I don’t like it. Does it mean that black people are scared to step out of their comfort zones? We need to get rid of the tyranny of attaching an open mind to race. Due to my ‘Black British/African’ heritage I have even more unique experiences when I meet people abroad. There is no fight for acceptance or acknowledgement. People are more interested in where I am from, my culture, my ways, my stories… I am welcomed by the locals which broadens adventure: camping with nomads, sleeping under the stars in the sahara with locals, traditional wedding invitations, more and more friends, exploring the illegal underground world in Paris and more.

Being a different type of traveler has its benefits.

People around the world have adapted to seeing white travelers, so it is repetitive, unexciting and boring. They are treated with a standard and their experiences become platonic so being a non-white traveler has major benefits. Black travelers are interesting and new. We are welcomed, highly celebrated and deeply liked.

I’d like my fellow people of colour to understand this and get out there because you might find that you feel more at home in a foreign land then where you are.

Join me.


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  • Reply Raven August 11, 2016 at 11:58 am

    I totally agree! I think it’s time we ‘coloured’ peeps banish the fear of acceptance and lack of curiosity and get travelling! The more we do it, the less of an alien aspect it becomes!

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