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My trip to Morocco In Bullet Points

February 18, 2016

Morrocco is beautiful

  • The people are amazing, hospitable and the food is great.
  • I travelled alone, through 20 different cities and villages by bus mainly. Dirt roads and pit stops in random villages..
  • I played playstation with a random 90 year old guitarist with one eye. And his sister brought us food.
  • I climbed the atlas mountains.
  • I made couscous from scratch
  • I cycled from one desert village to the other.. (WOW)
  • I camped under the stars in the Sahara desert
  • I slept 5 nights in a nomad cave. No lights, no electricity. Just people, animals, babies and my thoughts
  • Go there, women.. have no fear to travel alone! It’s perfect. Just say you are married to a local and the men will stop being so perverted.

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