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3p and £300k currently feels the same

March 28, 2016

Insight Post:


I am going to read the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi because I feel like money isn’t making a difference to my happiness. It seems bizarre to grab a book to help my mental state but it can’t harm me, only enhance the situation.

The reason why £0.3p and £300k feel the same is because I’m constantly working. Right now I am writing this post in Paris on Easter Monday where I have spent the day working. I AM SUPPOSE TO BE ON HOLIDAY! ITS A BANK HOLIDAY! Ok.. I admit, I’ve made great things happen today work wise but it feels like a necessity and an obligation that I must fill. So I basically had no choice. Whether I enjoy it or not it doesn’t matter. It needed to be done.

I’m not enjoying the money. In fact, I am becoming numb to everything. I barely spend money. Work is constantly on my mind so I put social events to work. Jheeze.. At 24 I am becoming a freak workaholic. And the funny thing is.. I’m going to continue like this for a few years because that’s when I will have hit my goals and be able to step out.

When you go into business for yourself remember to look past the title. It might sound great being the CEO or Director but in fact you’ve got the biggest burden. I agree, we receive the fattest rewards but what if we don’t reap them. Then what?

Time is ticking away fast. 2012 seems like yesterday to me. So in my mind, things need to get done and pronto. Because you know what they say “By 50 years old you have the face you deserve”

To conclude this Monday night rant what I am saying is this: If you ever have moments like I am having today it is ok. Side step it and focus on your end goal and bite the bullet for a year, two years until you hit your destination. It’s gritty.. but don’t give up because in no time you’ll have achieved all that you want and be able to start the new chapter in your life.

p.s. I had a huge debate with myself whether to buy potato croquettes from the supermarket. I concluded in the end that I don’t like potatoes, I like the idea of them and that is why I will not buy them. So I didn’t

…sound like I’m going crazy?




Price Yourself Right

March 20, 2016

If you believe it, you can do it.

We are all born with the privilege of complete control of our minds and make it gear towards whatever we demand in life! GRR. Seriously! We can do anything.. within reason! I was handicapped as a child with poverty, unstability, uncertainty and bad luck. (long story.. another time)

As a teen I was never entrepreneurial. I didn’t have lemonade stands, I didn’t hustle goods at school, I didn’t save my £18 a week pocket-money. All I knew is that I had to escape my situation.. somehow.

Looking around, my environment told me that life was exactly what you made it due to your own attitude so at 15 years old I began working. I needed money to live, survive and grow in London without asking the government (another rat hole).

My job history:

Age 15-16
£15 per hour, cash in hand.
How I got the job: Me and some friends use to bunk off triple maths and hide in a nearby park for 3 hours. We’d chat, they smoke and we’d generally have a good time. We didn’t give two fucks about triple maths.
Older guys and girls from the nearby university use to chill there too and we soon became friends. Eventually one of the guys told us that his sister managed a company as there is work if we needed it. I listened and was the only one to pursue the work. Maybe I needed it more.
The position/roles: I think the company was events management or something. I can’t remember what it was called. They’d send me to Waitrose(supermarket) stores throughout London and I was the taster girl. I stood there for up to 5 hours 4 days a week holding trays of meatballs, wine, chocolate…

Age 17-18
Wage: £1500/month, cheque in hand plus commission.
How I got the job: I saw an descriptive ad in a newspaper for dynamic young individuals who want to work in the financial centre of London and earn big money. Yes. I phoned up immediately and blagged it on the phone. I lied and said I knew about the financial markets. I guess my phone voice sold it. I was in. I landed myself as a junior co-ordinator for a financial investment firm. Though I learned nothing about the financial markets, I learned about tone of voice, buying signals, emotional triggers and the biggest lesson of all was that I saw 25 year olds making £50,000 commission in our monthly cheque celebration meeting. Finally, I saw it for real in front of my eyes that anyone could make it no matter what their position. Goals were being achieved. These guys weren’t better than me, they were just hungry wolves who had their eye firm on the prize and applied the right force to get it.

I soon realised what I wanted and what I want for myself. I wanted to be able to fund my desired lifestyle, travel and be cash rich.

Age 19-20
By now I had travelled and lived in L.A, Mongolia and China for a year and money was wearing thin. I dreaded going back to London, back to my small room at my grandmother’s house but my visa was running out and I had to leave Asia. I went back to London with and without settling in I quickly decided to go to Barcelona.

I wanted a gross of £8K monthly which I broke down to £2K per week. In due time I achieved this on and off.

I saw a demand for a product in Barcelona which would help international offices. It was all off the record, meaning I’d contact them directly by email and offer them product X for 2,000. I was selling four – six of product X per month… €8-12K. It was the first time I ever earned real money for myself by myself. I was impressed… but it should have occurred to me that the bubble was going to burst.

With my lack of saving skills, strategy and common sence two seasons later I was broke.

p.s. I didn’t mention that by then I’d convinced my partner at the time to move out to Spain with me because I was the Big Swinging Dick. So the situation soon became a desperate matter of survival heavily loaded with guilt.

Part 2 coming soon….

Blog Europe France

My Trip To Cadaques

March 14, 2016

I went to Cadaques a while ago. While I was walking through the South of France









Notes from my ex

March 14, 2016

She wrote on the back of a photo of me while we were on holiday.

Always remember
That when I took this
shot, I thought (and still)
think as you as the most beautiful creature
to ever walk this planet.

you r a princess
I love you always

celina sky

Blog Europe Macedonia

My trip to Macedonia

March 12, 2016

Macedonia by far is the most visually impressive and modern Balcan country in Eastern Europe. Skopje is a million times cleaner and better developed then, let say Pristina, Kosovo or Sarajevo, Bosnia

After driving in late at night from Kosovo it was a big awakening to see such a city like this. I was taken by total surprise as I was expecting Skopje to look like Prisina. It is completely different. Completely.

In Skoje, you will feel like royality. It is so prestine, grand, clean and well looked after.
And don’t forget the magnificent statues… everywhere. It crossed my mind ‘how many statues is too many’ because there are so many statues, it seems there could be more statues then people.


This is the Old Bazaar. 2min from the above pic.
You can find anything in the old bazaar. Don’t accept the first offer on the price, haggle your way down. It is really really cute. There are many places to sit and eat/drink something and the price is great. If you’re into gold, there are a large handful of jewellers. If you’re into

Here are pictures of the landscape and Canon Matka

Blog Europe Kosovo

My trip to Kosovo

March 12, 2016

I celebrated New Year 2015 in Prestina, Kosovo!

Driving in from Montenegro was stunning. LANDSCAPE PORN

The night Kosovo started with a strange ‘curry’. It was more of a tomato sauce and rice but it fed me up for the evening! The gathering in the main square was starting and by 11:30pm it was packed. At 12, New Years the firework display began and it nearly brought a tear to my eye. It was so basic and very amateur. There was no great backdrop to compliment the display but a grey, horrible building. But what stuck me was that the crowd were in awe. It was so meaningful for them. I was so thrilled to go into the New Year with this wholesome feeling.

The night quickly turned into memorable fun. I danced in the busy square in the circle with the people while the musicians played their traditional Balcan music on the stage! Ha ha!

The party stopped at 10am the next day.

The day time scenery is beautiful in the country side of Kosovo. The mountains are absolutely breath taking..

Though the excitement soon died…

Warning: Listen to Uncle Google. Do not try and take the short road into Serbia. It is not a border. You will drive for 4 hours only to be turned away and told to drive through Macedonia to get to Serbia. I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!

2014 - foto ridvan slivova (1)

2014 - foto ridvan slivova (1)


The different beds ive slept in

March 12, 2016

I slept around…

When I was 19 I extended my 2 week trip to L.A. to 5 months. I found a 1 bed apartment in West Hollywood and I didn’t buy a bed.. it wasn’t my priority.
A friend lent me his hammock and we set it up in the bedroom.
It was fun for a few days until I reverted to sleeping on the floor..


I love festivals! I’ve slept in all types of tents, usually with a friend!

Depending on where you travel, you may find yourself stranded due to a cancelled bus, train
or whatever. I slept under a bridge in Italy for a night. It wasn’t the most comfortable but the weather wasnt great and I needed shelter

I sleep fully clothed at one star hotels. Rooms are usually crawling with bed bugs, cockroaches and have dirty sheets. I remember while travelling North Africa I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT because the room had about 20 huge cockroaches in the walls. Scary.. sometimes you need to grab whichever place has a room for the night.
Hopefully they have breakfast..

What I like the most is ironed bed sheets. Five, six or seven star hotels do it best. I prefer going when Im with company though because I dont really utilize the experience well. I don’t watch TV, eat restaurant food and I have a pool at home.. But yes, they are really nice!

THE GRASS IS THE BEST PLACE TO SLEEP ON A HOT SUMMERS DAY. I remember waking up 5 shades darker from a 5 hour sleep on the grass in a park in Marseille, Southern France. Ah.. it was beautiful. I’ll always remember that sleep. p.s. A friend of mine told me that when you sleep on the earth, the earth vitalises you


I’ve recently started to dislike hostels. The last memories I have of hostels aren’t so good. I don’t like the cold, metalic feeling that alot give. In Lisbon, there are AMAZING hostels which feel so comfortable like a home, the bunks aren’t clanking or squeeking. My worst hostel experience was in England where a mouse was running around our 24 bunk dorm which woke us all up  at night. Luckilly a Russian guy caught it in a plastic bag.
banana bungalow

Stairs are probably the most uncomfortable bed. Brace yourself when you wake up.. stiff and bruised. But when you need a quick discreet sleep stairs are perfect.

If you don’t mind the sand getting intertwined in your hair then the beach is perfect. I can’t count the times I’ve fallen asleep on the beach.

More beds I’ve slept are bars, pubs, the London Underground, parks, cars, baths, sofas, floors, strangers house and airbnbs