My trip to Macedonia
12 Mar 2016

My trip to Macedonia

Post by celinasky

Macedonia by far is the most visually impressive and modern Balcan country in Eastern Europe. Skopje is a million times cleaner and better developed then, let say Pristina, Kosovo or Sarajevo, Bosnia

After driving in late at night from Kosovo it was a big awakening to see such a city like this. I was taken by total surprise as I was expecting Skopje to look like Prisina. It is completely different. Completely.

In Skoje, you will feel like royality. It is so prestine, grand, clean and well looked after.
And don’t forget the magnificent statues… everywhere. It crossed my mind ‘how many statues is too many’ because there are so many statues, it seems there could be more statues then people.


This is the Old Bazaar. 2min from the above pic.
You can find anything in the old bazaar. Don’t accept the first offer on the price, haggle your way down. It is really really cute. There are many places to sit and eat/drink something and the price is great. If you’re into gold, there are a large handful of jewellers. If you’re into

Here are pictures of the landscape and Canon Matka



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