The different beds ive slept in

March 12, 2016

I slept around…

When I was 19 I extended my 2 week trip to L.A. to 5 months. I found a 1 bed apartment in West Hollywood and I didn’t buy a bed.. it wasn’t my priority.
A friend lent me his hammock and we set it up in the bedroom.
It was fun for a few days until I reverted to sleeping on the floor..


I love festivals! I’ve slept in all types of tents, usually with a friend!

Depending on where you travel, you may find yourself stranded due to a cancelled bus, train
or whatever. I slept under a bridge in Italy for a night. It wasn’t the most comfortable but the weather wasnt great and I needed shelter

I sleep fully clothed at one star hotels. Rooms are usually crawling with bed bugs, cockroaches and have dirty sheets. I remember while travelling North Africa I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT because the room had about 20 huge cockroaches in the walls. Scary.. sometimes you need to grab whichever place has a room for the night.
Hopefully they have breakfast..

What I like the most is ironed bed sheets. Five, six or seven star hotels do it best. I prefer going when Im with company though because I dont really utilize the experience well. I don’t watch TV, eat restaurant food and I have a pool at home.. But yes, they are really nice!

THE GRASS IS THE BEST PLACE TO SLEEP ON A HOT SUMMERS DAY. I remember waking up 5 shades darker from a 5 hour sleep on the grass in a park in Marseille, Southern France. Ah.. it was beautiful. I’ll always remember that sleep. p.s. A friend of mine told me that when you sleep on the earth, the earth vitalises you


I’ve recently started to dislike hostels. The last memories I have of hostels aren’t so good. I don’t like the cold, metalic feeling that alot give. In Lisbon, there are AMAZING hostels which feel so comfortable like a home, the bunks aren’t clanking or squeeking. My worst hostel experience was in England where a mouse was running around our 24 bunk dorm which woke us all up  at night. Luckilly a Russian guy caught it in a plastic bag.
banana bungalow

Stairs are probably the most uncomfortable bed. Brace yourself when you wake up.. stiff and bruised. But when you need a quick discreet sleep stairs are perfect.

If you don’t mind the sand getting intertwined in your hair then the beach is perfect. I can’t count the times I’ve fallen asleep on the beach.

More beds I’ve slept are bars, pubs, the London Underground, parks, cars, baths, sofas, floors, strangers house and airbnbs

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