Price Yourself Right

March 20, 2016

If you believe it, you can do it.

We are all born with the privilege of complete control of our minds and make it gear towards whatever we demand in life! GRR. Seriously! We can do anything.. within reason! I was handicapped as a child with poverty, unstability, uncertainty and bad luck. (long story.. another time)

As a teen I was never entrepreneurial. I didn’t have lemonade stands, I didn’t hustle goods at school, I didn’t save my £18 a week pocket-money. All I knew is that I had to escape my situation.. somehow.

Looking around, my environment told me that life was exactly what you made it due to your own attitude so at 15 years old I began working. I needed money to live, survive and grow in London without asking the government (another rat hole).

My job history:

Age 15-16
£15 per hour, cash in hand.
How I got the job: Me and some friends use to bunk off triple maths and hide in a nearby park for 3 hours. We’d chat, they smoke and we’d generally have a good time. We didn’t give two fucks about triple maths.
Older guys and girls from the nearby university use to chill there too and we soon became friends. Eventually one of the guys told us that his sister managed a company as there is work if we needed it. I listened and was the only one to pursue the work. Maybe I needed it more.
The position/roles: I think the company was events management or something. I can’t remember what it was called. They’d send me to Waitrose(supermarket) stores throughout London and I was the taster girl. I stood there for up to 5 hours 4 days a week holding trays of meatballs, wine, chocolate…

Age 17-18
Wage: £1500/month, cheque in hand plus commission.
How I got the job: I saw an descriptive ad in a newspaper for dynamic young individuals who want to work in the financial centre of London and earn big money. Yes. I phoned up immediately and blagged it on the phone. I lied and said I knew about the financial markets. I guess my phone voice sold it. I was in. I landed myself as a junior co-ordinator for a financial investment firm. Though I learned nothing about the financial markets, I learned about tone of voice, buying signals, emotional triggers and the biggest lesson of all was that I saw 25 year olds making £50,000 commission in our monthly cheque celebration meeting. Finally, I saw it for real in front of my eyes that anyone could make it no matter what their position. Goals were being achieved. These guys weren’t better than me, they were just hungry wolves who had their eye firm on the prize and applied the right force to get it.

I soon realised what I wanted and what I want for myself. I wanted to be able to fund my desired lifestyle, travel and be cash rich.

Age 19-20
By now I had travelled and lived in L.A, Mongolia and China for a year and money was wearing thin. I dreaded going back to London, back to my small room at my grandmother’s house but my visa was running out and I had to leave Asia. I went back to London with and without settling in I quickly decided to go to Barcelona.

I wanted a gross of £8K monthly which I broke down to £2K per week. In due time I achieved this on and off.

I saw a demand for a product in Barcelona which would help international offices. It was all off the record, meaning I’d contact them directly by email and offer them product X for 2,000. I was selling four – six of product X per month… €8-12K. It was the first time I ever earned real money for myself by myself. I was impressed… but it should have occurred to me that the bubble was going to burst.

With my lack of saving skills, strategy and common sence two seasons later I was broke.

p.s. I didn’t mention that by then I’d convinced my partner at the time to move out to Spain with me because I was the Big Swinging Dick. So the situation soon became a desperate matter of survival heavily loaded with guilt.

Part 2 coming soon….

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