3p and £300k currently feels the same

March 28, 2016

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I am going to read the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi because I feel like money isn’t making a difference to my happiness. It seems bizarre to grab a book to help my mental state but it can’t harm me, only enhance the situation.

The reason why £0.3p and £300k feel the same is because I’m constantly working. Right now I am writing this post in Paris on Easter Monday where I have spent the day working. I AM SUPPOSE TO BE ON HOLIDAY! ITS A BANK HOLIDAY! Ok.. I admit, I’ve made great things happen today work wise but it feels like a necessity and an obligation that I must fill. So I basically had no choice. Whether I enjoy it or not it doesn’t matter. It needed to be done.

I’m not enjoying the money. In fact, I am becoming numb to everything. I barely spend money. Work is constantly on my mind so I put social events to work. Jheeze.. At 24 I am becoming a freak workaholic. And the funny thing is.. I’m going to continue like this for a few years because that’s when I will have hit my goals and be able to step out.

When you go into business for yourself remember to look past the title. It might sound great being the CEO or Director but in fact you’ve got the biggest burden. I agree, we receive the fattest rewards but what if we don’t reap them. Then what?

Time is ticking away fast. 2012 seems like yesterday to me. So in my mind, things need to get done and pronto. Because you know what they say “By 50 years old you have the face you deserve”

To conclude this Monday night rant what I am saying is this: If you ever have moments like I am having today it is ok. Side step it and focus on your end goal and bite the bullet for a year, two years until you hit your destination. It’s gritty.. but don’t give up because in no time you’ll have achieved all that you want and be able to start the new chapter in your life.

p.s. I had a huge debate with myself whether to buy potato croquettes from the supermarket. I concluded in the end that I don’t like potatoes, I like the idea of them and that is why I will not buy them. So I didn’t

…sound like I’m going crazy?



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