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I Always Misbehave In Paris

April 4, 2016

Everytime I go to Paris, I return with smiles, stories and secrets

Let me explain…

There is never a real reason why I frequent Paris so often. I am there every other month for at least 5 days. It seems to just work for me.

The last time I was in Paris I solo attended a Dancehall party I heard about. Yes I went to a Dancehall Club alone. The fact that nobody knows me is amazing. I CAN ACT AS I PLEASE. So I did. Vodka tonic was my drink of choice and I lost track of how many  I had. The was jam packed and it started with a dance lesson on the dancefloor. That was amazing! I stood in the middle following along and when I couldnt see the instructor or forgot I freestyled. By around 12am it was party time only.
By 4am I was in the DJ booth dancing with them. Talk about groupie… I remember meeting many beautiful people including a German and a Kiwi. Nothing happened as I was so in the zone, I wasn’t concerned with connecting with people.
Until the next day…

Another memory of Paris is when I discovered the beautiful meaning of: menage a troi. Read more here

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