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Menaje a troi in Paris

April 7, 2016

I met S and C together in a bar. Of course.. I was alone. The bar was typically beautiful, expensive, classy bar close to the Lourve. I was reading a book when their friend D approached me to compliment the title of my book. D’s partner and friends were on their way asked to join me and I obliged. I went from a solo team to a group of 4 unexpectedly. Really, I planned on finishing my book. Eventually I found out more about my new group. It turns out that they all worked together for some corporate company. The evening was approaching and I decided to make a move. We exchanged numbers, said our goodbyes. I soon got a text from S inviting me to a party in the Suburbs. I’d heard mixed things about the burbs of Paris, everything from dangerous to cute/quiant. I’d only been there once but not in daylight so I couldnt judge. I guess like everywhere, it depends which part of the burbs. I accepted the invitation. I am now going to vaguely discribe my night in points.

  • Bottles of Moet
  • Bottles of Ciroc
  • Bottles of Grey Goose
  • HipHop/AfroBeats/Dancehall/House
  • Dancing
  • A fight (not me)

To enter this club you had to buy a bottle on entry. A BOTTLE! Not a glass.. I have no clue where I was. But it was the most fun I’d had in a very long time. We were all having fun together… After the fight broke out we drove (who drove!) back to my rented Parisian apartment.

— We all went for breakfast the next day. Amazing expereince..

Needless to say that before this experience I never had a mutual 3 way relationship. But it works. I think this works because I dont live in Paris. We see eachother once every few months and it works.

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