Learn From Andre 3000

April 11, 2016

Andre 3000

Where there is cheese there are rats,
Where ever there are rats there are cats,
Where ever there are cats there are dogs.
If you got the dogs you got bitches.
Bitches Always out to put their paws on your riches.
If you got riches,you got glitches.
If you got glitches in your life computer turn it off and then reboota.
Now you back on.
Can’t just put the cap on the old bottle once you pop it that will spoil it, gone and drink it and enjoy it.
– Track: Millionaire

Andre 3000 not only has great lyrics which teach us that there will be people and things trying to hold us back, yet we must still keep going. But he is also highly successful. Andrew 3000 is worth an estimated $50million. Through his music, acting, clothing line and more. What I like most about Andre 3000 is he has stayed low key from the public eye, he is living his life.

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