3 Unusual Tips For Cairo

August 1, 2016


Many men in Egypt have a dark mark on their head. I was told this is the Pray Mark. From kneeling and hitting their head on the floor to pray to Allah. At first glance I dismissed it, but I started to notice that most men had this dark circle mark on their head. Some more visible then others. I even wondered if some men surgically did theirs darker on purpose, perhaps as a symbol to show that they pray the hardest.

Friday in Cairo is quiet(er)!

Friday is pray day. Which means that the streets of Cairo are quieter. Especially untill noon. I walked past sworns of men with their back to me praying, and I simply smiled – because I knew that if they weren’t praying, they all would be hassling me for money. What a contadiction! If you want to escape the business of the streets then I recommend using Friday to your advantange (unless you are Islam, and praying). Here is a picture from my phone of Cairo on a Friday!

quiet cairo

Carry tissue with you at all times.

It is rare to find toilet paper in any public, or private toilet! Always carry toilet paper with you to public toilets. There won’t be any in the toilets. This is why it is common to see beggars selling tissue!

toilet paper


Cairo Public Transportation

3 Unusual Tips To Cairo

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