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Watching The Sunset In Mikhmoret

September 20, 2016

Walking softly on the evening sand.
I can feel the softness of you hand.
I don’t need to try and find the words to say.
Enjoying things that make me feel this way.
The sand feels so loose beneath our feet.
This moment in time makes me feel so complete.
Looking across the water as the sun slowly dips.
Like a huge animal that’s bending down to sip.
I can smell your sweet fragrance with you so near.
The winds faintest of whisper ringing in my ear.
Forever in time, this moment stands still.
Aching to hold you so close, that’s how I feel.
A walk on the beach, hand in hand, like we just met.
There’s just nothing like it, we are sharing the sunset.

-Not for any contest

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My Trip To ‘No Mean’ Nazareth

September 12, 2016

Bus from Jerusalem to Nazareth cost 39NIS and takes just under 2 hours.

Nazareth. Open for business?

Nazareth, started as a little Jewish town around 2,000 years prior has spread its name far and wide as religion and skeptics alike desire to see the spot where the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ had lived, though to me, this mainstream holy city brough a new type of enlightening to mind.

It’s not that Nazareth is empty. It is closed, look at my pics! This beautiful forgotten city in the lower Galilee is practically a ghost town situated in the heart of a valley encompassed by mountains that surround a few of the most vital Christian houses of worship on the planet. Did I feel an otherworldly or blessed atmosphere? No. Did I feel as though I walking in a trance through a city rich in holy history. No. This is the city where, as indicated by popular custom, the blessed messenger Gabriel told Mary that she would conceive by the force of the Holy Spirit, and the spot where Jesus spent his adolescence and youth. Yet, it is an epic fail – empty and deserted it is so hard to believe that Nazareth, the biggest Arab city in Israel, has around 30 houses of worship and religious communities, and in addition mosques and antiquated synagogues is dead. I figured everybody was probably in Tel Aviv – the alternative city where (almost) anything goes.


If I told you Mary had 7 kids and remained a virgin who would you trust?

Some confusion as to Marys Grotto where the angel Gabriel announced the divine pregnancy!

Some confusion as to Marys Grotto where the angel Gabriel announced the divine pregnancy!

I took a visit to the Church of Annunciation and stood outside Joseph and Mary’s home and just as I was about to sneak in for a closer look when I had a moment of truth. I suddenly converted my thoughts. I finally got it. Defined by her virginity, lauded for limitless humility and submission, Mary is the baddest bitch that ever lived. Stories have successfully convinced people who, while a virgin she and gave birth to Jesus. Whatsmore, she still remains a virgin even though the gospels clearly stated that Jesus had four brothers and two (unnamed) sisters the theologians of Christ were disposed to argue that the virgin “purity” of their goddess was not to be compromised: she had, they insisted, remained a virgin throughout the whole birthing process.

Mark Twain — ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’

Jesus of where?!

Food for thought

When we look for historical confirmation that Nazareth is the hometown of a god – …OMG! – no source confirms that the place even existed in the 1st century AD. What the devil is going on?!? The expression ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ is actually a bad translation of the original Greek ‘Jesous o Nazoraios’. More accurately, we should speak of ‘Jesus the Nazarene’ where Nazarene has a meaning quite unrelated to a place-name. What we do know is that ‘Nazarene’ (or ‘Nazorean’) was originally the name of an early Jewish-Christian sect – a faction, or off-shoot, of the Essenes. They had no particular relation to a city of Nazareth. The root of their name may have been ‘Truth’ or it may have been the Hebrew noun ‘netser’ (‘netzor’), meaning ‘branch’ or ‘flower.

• Nazareth is not mentioned even once in the entire Old Testament. The Book of Joshua (19.10,16) – in what it claims is the process of settlement by the tribe of Zebulon in the area – records twelve towns and six villages and yet omits any ‘Nazareth’ from its list.

• The Talmud, although it names 63 Galilean towns, knows nothing of Nazareth, nor does early rabbinic literature.

St Paul knows nothing of ‘Nazareth’. Rabbi Solly’s epistles (real and fake) mention Jesus 221 times, Nazareth not at all.

• No ancient historian or geographer mentions Nazareth. It is first noted at the beginning of the 4th century.


Photos of the Empty Streets Of Nazareth


Empty Streets Of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

Empty Streets Again of Nazareth

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My Half Day Trip To Bethlehem

September 7, 2016

And so to Bethlehem. I didn’t really want to go to Bethlehem. It was Saturday (Shabat) and on Shabat you’re not suppose to do anything. But I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if I didn’t go to Bethlehem. If not for me, for my grandmother.

My (Catholic) grandmother is going to LOVE me

The journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem is about 20minutes and costs 6NIS one way and the bus passes a check point as you enter Palestinian territory where soldiers get on and check passports and ID cards. I’d like to describe Bethlehem as a holy sacred city – quiet and peaceful where people sit and pray all day. But I can’t. I honestly didn’t expect it to be an Arabic city, with market stalls and crowded streets, it is really not what I expected. Yes, during my visit to the city where Jesus was born I entered one of the oldest churches in the world; the Church of Nativity, I discovered the Milk Grotto and learned of its history and origins, strolled through the Shepherd’s fields and walked through the old city of Bethlehem. Oh and I even snuck into the cemetery on the top of the town, it gives a beautiful view of Bethlehem. I was totally alone, with these beautifully laid out graves and tombstones. It was strangely the most beautiful moment I’d had that day – being in a cemetery… though I was a bit scared that I’d get locked in and left after 20minutes.

Well, that’s pretty much it I’m afraid. I had another walk around the market before I returned back to Jerusalem and went drinking with German and Australian tourists I met. We met up in the streets of Jerusalem and drank on the inactive (electricity doesnt run on Shabat) fountains, we even came up with a phrase for vaginal piercings ‘perfect pierced pussy’ a.k.a. Tripple P. Used in a sentence it would be ‘Hey, you know I have a tripple P? or I want to change my Tripple P soon’

For me, the sacred town of Bethlehem is just a small crowded Arabic town. Yeah, it’s nice, its pretty, it has churches, it has an old city… I can think of one word to describe Bethlehem it would be humdrum, which means boring. Typical Arabic attitudes, people and atmosphere. It is not at all the Bethlehem that my Catholic grandmother raves about when she recites stories about Jesus. She’d be shocked if she came with me and I’m certainly glad she didn’t, she’d be disappointed – worse of all, loose a bit of faith.DSCN0630 DSCN0627 DSCN0625 DSCN0615 DSCN0610

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