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Binter Airlines Is The Worst Airline, They Still Owe Me Money

March 15, 2017

Binter Airlines must be the worst airlines in history. They broke EU Law by not allowing me to board my flight. I was denied boarding from a Mauritania flight which I booked to go home to London by Binter Airlines.

With the same passport I have travelled to:

I have traveled to:


With the same passport since this incident.

After the abuse and insults by the Binter employees the final “official” claim by Binter to refuse me boarding was that my passport was fake, although it is bio-metric although the immigration officers told me that everything was fine, they told me that the Binter Airline employee was the one who didn’t want to let me through.

This incident made me loose my flight ticket which cost roughly £350, travel by Africa’s dangerous land bored alone to Senegal which cost me £100, book a new flight from Senegal to London which cost me £350.

I don’t advise anybody to fly with Binter especially if you are dependent on getting home. I’m still waiting for the compensation from Binter and I am reluctant to go ahead with legal claims but it seems as though this is what it had come to. I wish companies really did have the customers interest at heart.

The response time from Binter

The response time from Binter is about 30 days. Seriously, a claim like this and it takes almost a month for them to response, sometimes even longer because clearly this isn’t a priority for them. They do not care about their customers, and since my fight was denied boarding

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