Cairo Airport VIP Treatment Scam

Cairo Airport VIP Treatment Scam

Tourists beware at Cairo airport

I arrived to Cairo from Tunis in the afternoon. Sticking out like an obvious, strange foreigner airport officials rushed over to me and started to assist me.

Things happened in the following order:

  1. They escorted me out of border control line to the front of the airport without checking my passport, visa or anything
  2. I was told to take money from the atm to pay for my visa ($25) as I didn’t have local coin
  3. They took me back to the border control area where I bought a visa with my credit card (they didn’t want the Egyptian Pounds I just withdrawn)
  4. I was escorted straight to the front of the line and my passport was stamped, visa included
  5. Surrounded by 5 guys I was told to pay 20 Egyptian Pounds for VIP treatment. I protested and made a fuss. They noticed their boss in the distance and told me to GO GO GO AWAY in a rush.I didn’t pay but it left me shocked and confused. Was this what was to come of Cairo? Yes.

How could I have avoided the airport scam

Carry $25 dollar with you. They offer it on the plane (I didn’t realise what it was for).

When you exit Cairo airport head straight to the kiosk which also serves as a currency exchange and get your visa. Then line up for border control.

Don’t talk to anybody or firmly say no to everything.. just leave and take the bus or a taxi into the city.

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  • Dear Celina
    In busy places there are always people trying to profit , we had it coming in Tunesia , people taking your suitcases without asking and bring it to the bus. If you give then a small tip they are asking for tenfold or hunderdfold. Leaving you embarrassed and disappointed in the good of mankind.
    The Exchange trick , Etc. , the feed for pigeons trick, there are so many, be aware


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