The different beds ive slept in

I slept around... When I was 19 I extended my 2 week trip to L.A. to 5 months. I found a 1 bed apartment in West Hollywood and I didn't buy a bed.. it wasn't my priority. A friend lent me his hammock and we set it up in the bedroom. It was fun for

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The notorious overnight train Belgrade to Budapest

Is the 'nightmare' overnight train from Belgrade to Budapest really dangerous? Many people have terrifying experiences about the overnight train from Belgrade, Serbia to Budapest, Hungary. I am here to tell you about my own experience riding this train alone, as a solo female black (mentioned for novelty purposes) traveller. There are 3 affordable ways

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(unexpected) Milan Travel Experience

I think that Milan is an overrated city to travel to. Jan, 2015 I am in Milan. The only thing that interests me is the prospect of meeting somebody interesting.. Also its so modelly that sometimes I even feel like I could be scouted as a supermodel (haha wishful thinking) Otherwise.. Its just this big

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About My Work

Together with extensive travel experience and countless journeys it still amazes me how excited I become when I am provided with the details of my new projects. Capturing the moment on screen, and allowing people to experience a place or a feeling as if they were there is always at the forefront of my mind and the core goal of everything I do.

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