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Menaje a troi in Paris

April 7, 2016

I met S and C together in a bar. Of course.. I was alone. The bar was typically beautiful, expensive, classy bar close to the Lourve. I was reading a book when their friend D approached me to compliment the title of my book. D’s partner and friends were on their way asked to join me and I obliged. I went from a solo team to a group of 4 unexpectedly. Really, I planned on finishing my book. Eventually I found out more about my new group. It turns out that they all worked together for some corporate company. The evening was approaching and I decided to make a move. We exchanged numbers, said our goodbyes. I soon got a text from S inviting me to a party in the Suburbs. I’d heard mixed things about the burbs of Paris, everything from dangerous to cute/quiant. I’d only been there once but not in daylight so I couldnt judge. I guess like everywhere, it depends which part of the burbs. I accepted the invitation. I am now going to vaguely discribe my night in points.

  • Bottles of Moet
  • Bottles of Ciroc
  • Bottles of Grey Goose
  • HipHop/AfroBeats/Dancehall/House
  • Dancing
  • A fight (not me)

To enter this club you had to buy a bottle on entry. A BOTTLE! Not a glass.. I have no clue where I was. But it was the most fun I’d had in a very long time. We were all having fun together… After the fight broke out we drove (who drove!) back to my rented Parisian apartment.

— We all went for breakfast the next day. Amazing expereince..

Needless to say that before this experience I never had a mutual 3 way relationship. But it works. I think this works because I dont live in Paris. We see eachother once every few months and it works.

Blog Europe France

Exploring The Streets Of Lyon

April 5, 2016

Gosh its beautiful here. And just what I needed after the hideous break up with my ex.

Lyon is rich in atmosphere, people and the city moves at a good pace. Not too fast, not sluggishly slow

I walked alot in Lyon, I mean ALOT. It is one of the more cleaner French cities. Calm, relaxed atmosphere with a cool sophisticated hipster vibe. I recommend visiting Parc de la Tete d’Or, Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere, Vieux Lyon and Fourviere Hill.

Vieux Lyon was my favourite part of the visit

Vieux Lyon is the old town of Lyon. I was lucky enough to be visiting during the summer time so I lined up a perfect adventure of a hot summers day. As it is the cities oldest district you will find yourself walking through many ally ways and side roads. Sometimes there are too many little streets to walk into you’ll be spoilt for choice. While walking alone I started to make up my own stories with my surrounding as the setting. It is that enchanting.

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere should defiantly be on your list. I took a weird route to get there and discovered an old open theatre courtyard. I climbed to the top of the hill and simply chilled out. Ate my packed lunch then walked on to the Fourviere. Most people take a tram or the shuttle bus. Fourviere itself offers a magnificent view of Lyon. It is packed with tourists but you can find your own little spot which is what I did.

Lyon ratings:

People: 6/10, the people are nice but reserved. I wasn’t interacting much though

Food: 8/10, the food in Lyon is vegan friendly. (unlike other French cities)

Price: 8/10, all good about price, i barely spent anything

Nightlife: i don’t know..

Vibe: 8/10, great vibe, chill, relaxed and clean

Average Overall Rating: 7.8/10


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I Always Misbehave In Paris

April 4, 2016

Everytime I go to Paris, I return with smiles, stories and secrets

Let me explain…

There is never a real reason why I frequent Paris so often. I am there every other month for at least 5 days. It seems to just work for me.

The last time I was in Paris I solo attended a Dancehall party I heard about. Yes I went to a Dancehall Club alone. The fact that nobody knows me is amazing. I CAN ACT AS I PLEASE. So I did. Vodka tonic was my drink of choice and I lost track of how many  I had. The was jam packed and it started with a dance lesson on the dancefloor. That was amazing! I stood in the middle following along and when I couldnt see the instructor or forgot I freestyled. By around 12am it was party time only.
By 4am I was in the DJ booth dancing with them. Talk about groupie… I remember meeting many beautiful people including a German and a Kiwi. Nothing happened as I was so in the zone, I wasn’t concerned with connecting with people.
Until the next day…

Another memory of Paris is when I discovered the beautiful meaning of: menage a troi. Read more here

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My Trip To Cadaques

March 14, 2016

I went to Cadaques a while ago. While I was walking through the South of France