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Travelling With DreadLocs – Best on the go do’s

November 5, 2016

Having dreadlocks may be one of the most convenient travel hair dos.

No need to wash, no need to brush, and above all – dreads can play host to all those little souvenirs you wouldn’t know what else to do with…. be it shells, beads, feathers or beautiful fabrics. Even Celina (editor) had fauxlocs for a while!

Best ways to wear locs while carrying a back-pack

On the very top of your head

You may feel like your holding a bird’s nest on your head, but the sheer freedom of having it out of the way when carrying a heavy load is worth it!

In a side plait

This is a neat way to wear your hair, and best of all, there is no pressure placed on the individual dreads, meaning you won’t get those sad dents and kinks running down them. It also makes it easy to toss the whole lot over your shoulder.

Double Micky Mouse buns

for a little fun, divide your locs into 2 parts and twirl each half into buns on the top of your head.

To avoid constant frustration in transit, don’t keep them out, trust me. 

Best ways wear locs when wanting to be fairly inconspicuous

I’m not saying you should hide who you are, but on occasion, it might be beneficial to tone down your ‘wacky’ hair, especially in fairly religious areas, conservative places or when visiting grandparents…

In a low bun

grab your locs and loop them around themselves, tucking them in with an elastic resting on the back of your neck.


In a singular plait

working from the crown of your head down to the back, section your locs into 3 parts; grab 3 to 4 dreads at a time and work your way down, until all are tucked neatly into a fat plait. This hairstyle is beautiful from behind, and from the front it can be hard telling what kind of hair you have.

Best ways to wear locs without hassle – daily dos

Two low ponytails

Divide your locs into 2 equal sections, grab a strong dread and wrap it around that half, repeat on the other side. No elastics needed.

Relaxed tie up

this style turns out different every time. Basically, grab a handful of locs and tuck them into another handful. Continue shoving dreads until it feels stable.

With a fabric head band

It’s as simple as putting your locs in a loose high bun, and wrapping a scarf around it…  super comfy!

Out and proud

nothing beats of head of hair flowing freely, so let your locs flowwww!

Having dreadlocks when exploring the world is a blast… the conversations that bloom, the people you meet, the uses… they’re all endless. If you are ever without a pillow – your locs are there to help you through. If ever you’re cold around your neck… your locs are there for you. If you’re ever bored… Your locs are there to be maintained.

Locs are a go!







Faux locs – my protective hair style while travelling

July 11, 2016

It’s a known fact that I don’t brush my hair. I only wash my hair once in a blue moon and basically neglect it. As the days approach for another solo backpacking trip to Italy, Tunisia, Egypt and Israel and the only concern had been my hair. My issue is always my hair.

Daily Swimming + Minimal fucks given = Fucked Up Hair.

I decided to search into protective styles. I narrowed my search down to Box Braids, Havana Twists and Fauxlocs.

I’ve always loved dreads. In fact a few aunties of mine have sister locks which I LOVE and a few uncles have dreads. There is just something so beautiful about beautiful dreadlocks. So my decision to put in fauxlocs come out of my love for dreads.

I have never had braids before. So this was a giant leap for me. …but I have had weave, 4 years ago it was all I did. I wanted to look like Lauren London! I refuse to dig out those photos..

Over the years I’ve just become more and more lazy with my hair. I occasionally straighten it and dye it brown but tbh I just leave it. My hair isn’t hard to manage. It’s quite soft and has big curls. It loosens out when I wet it though I think that is due to too much straightening over the years.

Call me a beg.. But I saw an amazing pic of Ciara with fauxlocs and decided that those colours would ALSO SUIT ME.

Who Did My Hair?
Anna. After doing an instagram search I found a woman there who doesn Fauxlocs in South London. A few days before she texted me to put down a deposit by 2pm but I was on my boat and didn’t get the text until the evening and apparently my spot was taken. :(. I quickly went online to find someone else to do my hair and found Anna. She didn’t have an instagram, just an ad in a local classifieds called Gumtree. She only sent me a few pictures but assured me that she was good. I took her word for it. (the fact she was based in North London, close to my grandmother’s house was perfect! Hair + Dinner at Nannys!!)

Before you look at the before pics.. I’d just like to mention that the night before I went to Heaven Nightclub and ended up at an after party in Brixton (south London) and I literally left from there to do my hair in the morning. That night has a story in itself…

Pre step: Hair
I bought 5 packs of hair as Anna advised based on the length and thickness I wanted. I bought dark brown, caramel, x2 mixed dark and light and a random brown. We used 4 packs of hair (kept one (came in handy) of the mixed bags).

Step 1:
Anna put single braids in my hair, around my head
photo 2

Step 2:
Fauxlocs… It took about 4hours for her to do it. Here is the process best explained.
photo 1(1)
Notes on Anna: She is awesome! Anna is an amazing hairdresser and makeup artist. She had beautiful dreadlocks past her waist but had to cut them off because of society. She works in corporate finance in the city of London. Anna is an open-minded lady with a thirst for learning. She is currently learning a new programming language (sorry I didn’t understand what!) and has a huge book collection. I really feel happy around her.

I was nervous the whole way through. And when I saw my new hair do my heart was racing like crazy. Remember, I’ve never done anything much with my hair. But I LOVED IT and so did everyone else

Once stepping outside I realised that the attention I get in the streets had easily tripled. Men and women approached me so much! It makes me realise how important hair is towards impressions. Although the only persons impression I care about was my grandmothers. She is typically judgemental.. but she loved it! Even asked for Anna’s number.

Laying my head down at night was a more difficult challenge than usual. At present, the fauxlocs still feel a bit tight. I practically slept face down to avoid feeling anything from the hair. I hope that this subsides over the next week.

All in all I really am happy with my new style. I think it’ll be great while I travel and swimming. As advised by Anna, I bought 100% Shea Butter and will mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle which I’ll use every few days. That, amongst her other advise really shaped my view of hair because there is so much information on the net which is conflicting it is difficult to know what right.
photo 1

I’ve been doing alot of things wrong:

  • putting heaps of oil in my hair DAILY – she said that my pores get clogged like that. Obvious..!
  • Straightening my hair – Even on a low heat with protective spray it causes damage
  • Dying my hair – I’ve been weakening my hair
  • Not treating it – Healthy hair needs maintenance

The list goes on..

I’ve read many blog posts about Fauxlocs, surprisingly most are negative. They talk about breakage and how heavy they are. I will definitely update you on this style but at the moment I think that it is beautiful!


This is how I looked 3 months later after through my travels to Italy, Tunisia, Egypt and Israel