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6 Best Dating Sites To Use While Travelling

November 19, 2016

Travel sentiments are a major reward of long and fleeting travel. We as a whole need a little TLC now and again. Maybe as another companion, an easygoing attach or something genuine. These apps are globally used so regardless of where you will be, you can login and discover your suitor.


Tinder then discovers you potential matches close (you can contract it around looking by age and separate) and in the event that they take your extravagant, you swipe right to “like” them. If not, go left to ‘pass’. In the event that they’ve likewise “preferred” you – bingo. It’s a match and you can begin informing.

There are Tinder patterns you can take after, as well: a late examination of 12,000 profile photographs of both men and ladies demonstrated that 72% of them wore unbiased hues in their photos, rather than eye-getting brilliant hues or a conspicuous print, with the shading dark overwhelmingly mainstream for individuals’ picked outfits.


OkCupid is a free internet dating webpage that has a fantastic calculation for coordinating accomplices. When you join to the site, and in addition drafting the typical exposition about how extraordinary you are and transferring four out of center photos from that period in 2006 when you were hot, you answer a heap of numerous decision questions. These extent from the genuinely common (“Could you date a smoker?”) to the incredibly odd (“What are your conclusions on Eugenics?”).

The inquiries are picked aimlessly from a rundown of several thousands. You need to answer 50 regardless, so the site can construct a photo of what you are. From that point, the more inquiries you reply, the more probability the OKC calculation will discover you a match.

Grinder (gay/bi men)

Grindr in a split second associates you to a huge number of people locally or around the world. It is world’s #1 free dating app only for gay/bi men, intended to help such men meet other men in their general vicinity for companionship, dating or sexual experiences. A greater amount of the last mentioned.. has rapidly gotten to be a standout amongst the most gone by web dating destinations on the Internet. Initially dispatched on April 21, 1995; it now has more than 23,575,000 individuals (2016), keeps on developing at a fast rate. Moreover, has 8.8 million individuals who met on the dating site and after that later met disconnected and a normal of 12 couples who met on get to be hitched or connected with day by day.


SKOUT is the designer of an area based long range interpersonal communication and dating application and site. SKOUT was one of the primary dating and versatile individuals disclosure applications to underline summed up client location.


Zoosk is an internet dating administration accessible in 25 dialects and in more than 80 nations.

Online Dating Facts

Men lie most about; Age, Height, Income
Women lie most about: Weight, Physical Build, Age

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Travelling With DreadLocs – Best on the go do’s

November 5, 2016

Having dreadlocks may be one of the most convenient travel hair dos.

No need to wash, no need to brush, and above all – dreads can play host to all those little souvenirs you wouldn’t know what else to do with…. be it shells, beads, feathers or beautiful fabrics. Even Celina (editor) had fauxlocs for a while!

Best ways to wear locs while carrying a back-pack

On the very top of your head

You may feel like your holding a bird’s nest on your head, but the sheer freedom of having it out of the way when carrying a heavy load is worth it!

In a side plait

This is a neat way to wear your hair, and best of all, there is no pressure placed on the individual dreads, meaning you won’t get those sad dents and kinks running down them. It also makes it easy to toss the whole lot over your shoulder.

Double Micky Mouse buns

for a little fun, divide your locs into 2 parts and twirl each half into buns on the top of your head.

To avoid constant frustration in transit, don’t keep them out, trust me. 

Best ways wear locs when wanting to be fairly inconspicuous

I’m not saying you should hide who you are, but on occasion, it might be beneficial to tone down your ‘wacky’ hair, especially in fairly religious areas, conservative places or when visiting grandparents…

In a low bun

grab your locs and loop them around themselves, tucking them in with an elastic resting on the back of your neck.


In a singular plait

working from the crown of your head down to the back, section your locs into 3 parts; grab 3 to 4 dreads at a time and work your way down, until all are tucked neatly into a fat plait. This hairstyle is beautiful from behind, and from the front it can be hard telling what kind of hair you have.

Best ways to wear locs without hassle – daily dos

Two low ponytails

Divide your locs into 2 equal sections, grab a strong dread and wrap it around that half, repeat on the other side. No elastics needed.

Relaxed tie up

this style turns out different every time. Basically, grab a handful of locs and tuck them into another handful. Continue shoving dreads until it feels stable.

With a fabric head band

It’s as simple as putting your locs in a loose high bun, and wrapping a scarf around it…  super comfy!

Out and proud

nothing beats of head of hair flowing freely, so let your locs flowwww!

Having dreadlocks when exploring the world is a blast… the conversations that bloom, the people you meet, the uses… they’re all endless. If you are ever without a pillow – your locs are there to help you through. If ever you’re cold around your neck… your locs are there for you. If you’re ever bored… Your locs are there to be maintained.

Locs are a go!






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My Experience in Kenya As A Female Traveller

November 1, 2016

Why Travel To Kenya?

Countless Opportunities for adventure, beautiful language, landscapes that will leave you in disbelief, outrageously beautiful coastline, safari trips that will amaze, and vibes that’ll have you grinning ear to ear! The people are incredible too… there are just too many reasons to write about!

Working in Kenya

Volunteering in Kenya is something extraordinary. It’s easier than you’d think it would be to integrate. Within a couple of days, I felt comfortable and at home at the school and at the centre we were placed in.

There are a lot of expats living across Kenya, as well as a heap of entrepreneurs, safari companies and white locals… so this kind of allowed me to blend quite easily. It may sound silly, but it really helps in feeling comfortable when things like staring aren’t as intense and frequent. And more than that, it makes integrating with the children relaxed and natural; they didn’t have fear or resilience, more just curiosity.

My two friends and I were working for about 7 weeks, in 2 different places. Our tasks were broad, making each day different and exciting. We taught things like Maths and English, we helped sort beads and fabric in the women’s centre, we played sport with the kids, held craft sessions, helped in the kitchen and harvested vegetables in the garden. We were given a lot of freedom, more than anything we were told to just be there for the kids. The Restart Centre is an organisation dedicated to saving street kids from life out on the street , providing them with a family, healthcare, food and an education. It was up to us to help in whatever way we could.

The teachers treated us like equals, we ate the same meals as the kids, and we were treated with respect the whole time we were there. It really did feel like we were part of a massive family.

Kenyan local people, atmosphere and hospitality

Kenyans are kind, hospitable, interested, interesting, and a little cheeky! They are proud of their culture, and so they should be. Walking around the small towns, there is a certain feeling, like you are safe. Within 2 weeks of living in Gil Gil, we’d made a relationship with fruit shop owners, motorbike taxi drivers, shop tellers and lingering school kids who constantly asked ‘how are you?!’, to which we’d respond ‘We are fine, how are YOU?!’ And so the questioning would go on, until we were out of earshot 🙂 I love Kenyan people, they are incredibly tough and resilient, yet so many seemed to be afraid of little bugs and the like! To me, they have a perfect mixture of pride, strength and adaptability.

Places I visited

We arrived in Nairobi – big, smokey, dirty, busy Nairobi. It is so big, with cars beeping behind one and other for hours, and people walking in every direction. It’s not exactly a tranquil area, but definitely worth a visit. There are great markets, authentic bars and restaurants everywhere, and amazingly beautiful Kanga (fabric) shops on almost every street. We lived in Naivasha for about a month – such a beautiful place. Lake Naivasha and all its wild life are gob-smacking, the town is large but nothing like a city, there are clothes markets hidden under big tarped areas, great places to enjoy the national dish of beans & rice, pretty houses to look at and great expanses of green fields… great for walking 🙂 We stayed in Gil Gil too, a much smaller town which I absolutely loved, and am revisiting in a couple of weeks! Above the small town there are mountains with hot springs, waterfalls and the most luscious green forests. After our volunteering, we traveled down to Mombasa, people say the overnight bus is a death sentence, but I thought it was fine… little bit of adventure ! The city of Mombasa is rich in Arabic culture and truley beautiful. For an ultimate holiday experience, I would recommend Diana Beach

Mtwapa is a little more ‘real’, and there it’s pretty easy to find cheap accommodation without the typical tourist resorts.

Things to do in Kenya

There are many! If you’re into Mountain trekking then there are several peaks to attempt! Safaris options are endless! Bird watching, scuba diving, resort-hopping, sun-bathing, city exploring, camping, volunteering or just good old back packing are all pretty easy.

Food in Kenya

Yeah… about the food. It’s not the best. It’s not the worst. Some how, the use of spices just isn’t a big thing. Pretty much you have maize, sukumaweeki (kale), rice, beans, ugali (boiled bread) and meat. Nyama Choma is BBQed meat which is super tasty, and there are places that sell fried chicken. My all time favourite meal was beans and rice. And the fruit and veg is pretty amazing! Mangoes growing on the side of the road in the more tropical areas, and avocados as big as your face. The supermarkets have quite a large range, and you can see a prominent English influence in what fill the aisles. Overall, you can eat well for cheap. Trick is to not expect amazing flavour explosions, but more be pleased with the simple things.

ugaliHow much money to bring to Kenya

You really don’t need a lot. Between USD$ 4 – 9 per night is enough to have a decent place to sleep. You can get a massive plate of food for about $1, getting long distance mutatus (taxis) is about $0.50 – $2. If you want to live like a local, you could swing it for well under $10 a day. If you want to stay in resorts and drink, eat and play like an out-of-towner, you’re looking at over $50 a day. They use Kenyan shillings, and  it’s about 80 KES to $1. From memory, a loaf of bread was about 40 KES.

What not to do in Kenya

Don’t wear tight clothes or short shorts. Take advise from locals, but with a grain of salt. Don’t carry a lot of money on you. Don’t drink the tap water. If you’re a single girl, pretend you’re married, seriously, it’ll safe you a lot of hassle. If you find yourself at a church service, respect the religious beliefs of those around you, and maybe keep your potential atheist of agnostic beliefs to yourself. Again, this will save you a lot of trouble.

Just play it cool really 🙂

Is Kenya a country that I’d visit twice?


(My) Most beautiful/memorable Spots and Moments

Playing with and teaching the kids at both charity organisations (KCC slum project and The Restart centre).

Swimming in the hot springs above Gil Gil.

Riding on the back of motorbikes.

Seeing the Giraffes grazing the trees on Safari.

Lying on the beautiful sand on Diana Beach.

Driving past the zebras that casually stand between the opposing roads of traffic.

Advice if you’re travelling to Kenya

Get the right immunizations: Cholera, Hep A and Typhoid. Pack a course of general antibiotics, Check what season it is: it’ll either be dry or very wet, however it’s always nice and balmy seeing as it’s very near the equator. Pack loose fitting clothes. And above all, don’t plan too much! Kenya is pretty easy to travel on a whim.


Kenya is still my favourite place on earth, well worth a visit… without sounding too cheesy, it could change your life.

If you are interested in volunteer work, I would highly recommend paying The Restart Centre a visit. This is one of the best run organisations I know of, it’s honest, not-for-profit and works to resolve issues of child abuse and homelessness, with family values and education.



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The MIGHTY South East Coast Australia: Travel Tips and Advice

October 21, 2016

(South East) Australia is beautiful in a thousand ways

It spans over 7 million square kilometers, so it can be difficult deciding where to begin. Whether you love the surf, dense forests, natural streams, or buzzing metropolises, the South East coast can satisfy all your desires.

It is possible to travel by train ( ) or by coach, but in all honesty, the best way to see Australia’s South East coast is in your on vehicle. Be it a tiny two-seater, a 4WD , or a van, there is nothing like owning your own freedom when it comes to endless natural beauty, and when deciding where looks good to camp for the night.

Sydney acts as a perfect starting point for any trip down south.

The city itself is very big, with hundreds of suburbs offering diverse food, night life, beautiful beaches and  parks. The Northern Beaches is an amazing area to explore, with lakes, dams, park land and of course beaches, it’s a great way to experience life near the city, without really being in the city. The Sydney Harbour is of course a must see, the bridge really is impressive and excellent for long walks, across, under and near it… I really enjoy strolling through Luna Park and through The Rocks.

 If you’re interested in more alternative ways of living, Newtown is the place for you. At all hours of the day, there are buskers playing, street art to see, beautiful architecture, quirky locals, and cafes and pubs for miles.

About 3 hours south of Sydney lies Mimosa Rocks National Park,

It is HUGE, the park has beautiful roads that spiral down to immaculate beaches. You can set up camp right in the car park, with the overhanging native trees and friendly wallabies, it’s the perfect way to spend a star filled night. Be sure to check out Nelson Lagoon too. Malacoota is another worthy area, having rocky headlands, soft sand and a walking track that laces along a constant line of beaches, about 30 meters high, tracking in and out of bush land.

If you’re heading South, Ninety mile beach is the perfect spot if you want to camp free! About half an hour east of Princes highway, down Corringle road lies a massive untouched beach. Swimming in its fresh waves feels that much better after climbing up the impressive sand mountains that hides the beach away.

little green nomad shot

Continue south for another couple of hours and you’ll hit Melbourne:

The mecca of culture, art, music and food. Activities to tickle your taste buds include the St Kilda Festival (February), strolling the cafe and graffiti dense lanes in the city’s centre, perusing the fresh goods at the Fitzroy Markets, and, my favourite, taking a trip to Half Moon Bay (especially at sunset!)

Living + Nomads

The South East Coast of Australia has so much to offer

And with the right mindset it’s not hard to live cheap and sleep for free! Sometimes it takes a little drive by searching, but I’ve found that the best spots pop up when you least expect them to –  no map can direct you, only your instincts can win!

If you’re interested in a 2 – 4 week trip, driving from Sydney to Melbourne is perfect for this amount of time. You’ll have more sun tanning time than you could ever imagine, hundreds of bush walks to choose from, dozens of quaint little towns to service your coffee and pie needs, and endless choices of relaxing, fun or romantic spots to set up for the night 😉

Handy Tips For Travelling The South East Coast of Australia

All tap water is drinkable, weather in summer is about 26 – 40 degrees, you DEFINITELY need sunscreen and  I’d recommend a visit to Bunning’s Warehouse to buy things like eski coolers and mosquito coils.

Also worth checking out –

Bawley Point 

Murrumbidgee National Park (near Durras)

Wooloondool, Murrumbidgee Valley National Park

jervis bay green patch

 Have any questions?
Comment below

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Best Portraits of Africa: Black and White Edition by Mario Gerth

October 6, 2016

In Benin, scars on the face –more specifically in the apples of the cheek – represent heritage, ethnicity, beauty or clan ties. Etched into the skin during infancy, these artificial dimples come in a variety of hash mark patterns depending on where you are from. If your mother is from one tribe and your father from another, they both have to create the pattern of their own origin on each one cheek. Your mum right and your father the left site. Its a kind of passport you carry day in and out. – Mario Gerth

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Most Cheapest vs Most Expensive City In Europe

August 24, 2016

What is the cheapest city to live in Europe?

Chişinău, Moldova is the cheapest city in Europe to live

What is the most expensive city to live in Europe?

Zurich, Switzerland is the most expensive city in Europe to live

How does the cheapest city in Europe compare with the most expensive city in Europe?

TOTAL 81% difference

Let’s take a closer look the cost of living between the cheapest city in Europe and the most expensive city in Europe

Chişinău (Moldova)

lunchtime menu including a drink in the business district
57 Leu £2.24 € 2.60 $2.90
for 2 people for 1 day
4.63 Leu £0.18 € 0.21 $0.24
Monthly rent for 85 m2 900 Sqft furnished accommodation in NORMAL area 5,780 Leu £227 € 263 $294
Utilities 1 month heating, electricity, gas… for 2 people in 85m2 flat 1,528 Leu £60 € 70 $78
1 liter 1/4 gallon of gas 18 Leu £0.71 € 0.82 $0.91
Monthly ticket public transport 193 Leu £8 € 9 $10
Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff, 8 km. 5 miles 51 Leu £2.00 € 2.32 $2.59
Short visit to private Doctor 15minutes 192 Leu £8 € 9 $10
1 box of 32 tampons Tampax, OB, … 59 Leu £2.32 € 2.69 $3.01
Deodorant, roll on 50ml ~ 1.5 oz. 55 Leu £2.16 € 2.50 $2.80
Hair shampoo 2 in 1 400 ml ~ 12 oz. 59 Leu £2.34 € 2.71 $3.03
4 rolls of toilet paper 30 Leu £1.19 € 1.38 $1.54
of toothpaste
34 Leu £1.35 € 1.57 $1.75
Basic dinner out for two in neighborhood pub 282 Leu £11 € 13 $14
2 tickets to the movies 178 Leu £7 € 8 $9
1 cocktail drink in downtown club 75 Leu £2.94 € 3.40 $3.80
Coffee 28 Leu £1.11 € 1.28 $1.43
1 beer in neighbourhood pub 500ml or
24 Leu £0.96 € 1.11 $1.24
1 month of gym membership in business
806 Leu £32 € 37 $41


Zurich (Switzerland)

Basic lunchtime menu including a drink in the business district CHF 28 £22 € 25 $28
Bread for 2 people for 1 day CHF 2.53 £2.00 € 2.32 $2.59
Monthly rent for 85 m2
900 Sqft furnished
accommodation in NORMAL area
CHF 2,476 £1,963 € 2,272 $2,539
Utilities 1 month heating, electricity, gas
… for 2 people in 85m2 flat
CHF 143 £113 € 131 $147
1 liter 1/4 gallon of gas CHF 1.48 £1.17 € 1.36 $1.52
Monthly ticket public transport CHF 98 £78 € 90 $101
Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff, 8 km. 5 miles CHF 34 £27 € 31 $35
Short visit to private Doctor 15 minutes CHF 121 £96 € 111 $124
1 box of 32 tampons Tampax, OB, … CHF 9 £7 € 8 $9
Deodorant, roll on 50ml ~ 1.5 oz. CHF 5.82 £4.62 € 5.34 $5.97
Hair shampoo 2 in 1 400 ml ~ 12 oz. CHF 5.29 £4.20 € 4.86 $5.43
4 rolls of toilet paper CHF 3.03 £2.40 € 2.78 $3.10
Tube of toothpaste CHF 4.02 £3.19 € 3.69 $4.12
Basic dinner out for two in neighborhood pub CHF 76 £61 € 70 $78
2 tickets to the movies CHF 37 £29 € 34 $38
1 cocktail drink in downtown club CHF 18 £14 € 16 $18
Coffee CHF 5.79 £4.59 € 5.32 $5.94
1 beer in neighbourhood pub 500ml or 1pt. CHF 7 £5.39 € 6 $7
1 month
of gym membership in business district
CHF 115 £91 € 105 $118


 Zurich Switzerland 4

Zurich Switzerland 4

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16 Amazing Places in Europe You Need To Visit Once In Your Life

August 23, 2016

Europe is a blast. It is a great example of history upon history. Each place in Europe has changed hands more then a few time and with it, each new tribe adds their own touch to a place.

Here are my top 16 places to visit in Europe once in your life 

River of Flowers, Keukenhof, Holland

Keukenhof Gardens Desktop Background

Melissani Cave, Greece


Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

United Kingdom, UK, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Travel Destination, Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven town

Rocamadour, France


Foss a Sidu, Southern Iceland


River House, Serbia


Strokkur, Iceland

Hallstatt, Austria


Bastei Bridge, Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Germany

The Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Chilchilianne, Rhone Alpes, France


Le Mont – Saint-Michel, France

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunset at yacht harbour in Dubrovnik

Albarracin, Aragon, Spain

Aescher, Switzerland


Hvitserkur, North Iceland

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My AWESOME Trip To Dahab

August 23, 2016

Dahab’s Amazing Vibe

Back in the days of the 1960’s Dahab use to be a hippy haven. People from all of the world travel to Dahab for its relaxed, laid back atmosphere. The tourists and the Mzeina Bedouin tribe reside together in harmony which is very unique as the Egypt have a reputation for their strict, closed cultural values.

For me, Dahab is the best city in Egypt. Normally the presence of tourists is rather off-putting as they often ruin the charm of a place, but the divers, hippies, retirees and backpackers who flock to Dahab add an alluring characteristic. It is the only place in Egypt where I saw a fusion of cultures living as one – without judgement, critique or limitations. That being said, I wasn’t surprised to learn that most people I met extended their stay long term in Dahab or would frequently come back.

Walking the streets of Dahab is calm – unlike most cities in Egypt, it is rare that you are bothered or hassled by the Egyptian merchants. Dahab is so compact and snug it has only a few streets;

Mashraba is very quiet and relaxing with a long beach, nice hotels and some restaurants.
Masbat promenade is the sea front where you will see most tourists enjoying the colourful bazars and restaurants. It is the most picturesque part of Dahab
Eel Garden promenade is starts where Masbat ends. It is sort of the forgotten version of Masbat. It is quieter than the other streets in the centre and has traditional hotels and restaurants. There is also a natural beach after the end of the promenade
Laguna, South of Dahab is the most expensive side of the city. The sandy blue Laguna is absolutely breath-taking. You will find most sea-based activities here.
Assala is the old Bedoiun village of Dahab. Everyone knows each other – it is as though there are only 5 families. Most of the locals live here.
North Dahab (Canyon and Blue Hole) is even more quiet then the rest. It has few shops and few hotels. It is home to the famous Blue Hole and Canyon diving site. This is where I stayed – in one of the few hotels, Canyon Estate.

Dahab means gold in Arabic and points to the golden sand in and around Dahab.

dahab main street


I arrived in Dahab late at night expecting great things. It did, it was a lovely little city, clean and perfect in a cupped hand of Canyon Mountains at the southern end of the 438,000 km² Rea Sea.

Dahab is only a small place, but it boasts 40 diving centres, hundreds of hotels, and over 200 activity opportunities. I stayed at the Canyon Estate 5km from the centre where I stayed in my best room yet, overlooking the Red Sea. It was perfect! For the first time in Egypt, I felt zen.

In the morning I decided to take a swim in the Red Sea to see the coral and fish so I borrowed snorkelling gear from the reception at Canyon Estate. You only need to take one step into the water to see the beauties of the Red Sea. I jumped in and was amazed. But I then it all went wrong.

Pee’ing on myself..

The waves weren’t calm that morning and I found it difficult to retain control of my movement. I decided to swim back to shore but I’d gone too far from my entry point which meant I would have to cut through coral to get back.

During the commotion I forgot how to swim.

My mind wasn’t thinking rationally and I lost all sense of calm. I tried to use the coral to mount myself steady when suddenly felt a sting on my left butt cheek, then another on the inside of my left leg. The painful burning sensation wouldn’t stop and I felt scared of drowning in the Red Sea. Eventually I made it awkwardly onto the rocks and rushed back to the Canyon Estate. After some time, I saw the hideous burn marks on the leg. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Never in my life had I received such a horrible injury. The burns were enough to make a baby cry. They were raised from my skin, thick, ugly and scary.
In truth, I’d never snorkelled alone before. Furthermore, I have never learned how to properly snorkel, only unofficially through friends so I wasn’t prepared for an emergency situation. What was I thinking? I jumped in the water at an unofficial entry point where I was the only person in sight.  And at the Red Sea? Sometimes I question my bravery and the foolish risks I take. I could have drowned or even have been eaten by a shark, strangled by an octopus… The lesson was drilled home when I pee’d on myself to make the burns go down faster.. The whole hotel was giggling about it for a little while.

canyon estate

The blue hole, Dahab

Later that day I met up with my German friend Benedict who was in Dahab taking his Dive Master Course. We, and his fellow divers went to the Blue Hole. Undeterred from what happened earlier (see above), I brought my snorkel gear and made my second attempt snorkelling in the Red Sea, this time from the famous blue hole entry point.

I would like to make a quick comment here; as I entered the blue hole a veiled up Muslim woman said something in Arabic to me, which I can imagine was ‘dirty fucking slut prostitute… Getting into the water half naked for men to see and want’ – well… fuck you too, I’d had enough of that shit already. I wasn’t about to waste a once in a lifetime opportunity again, like in Hurghada.

Snorkelling the blue hole and beyond is fantastic. I stayed underwater a few hours and snorkelled well beyond the basic, or even intermediate zone. Unlike everyone else, I ventured through the Red Sea and away from shore. I am the best swimmer or even the most confident in the water, I was just in constant awe about seeing beautiful sea life. I was in a trance, I even followed them. There were huge fish, small fish, colourful fish and very ugly fish. I even saw an octopus house! It was a splendid time in the water, almost as though the morning affairs never even happened.

Back on shore all the divers were waiting for me. We hopped in the back of the track where I hitched a ride with them to downtown Dahab, stopped for me to quickly grab my guitar.

Hanging out in Dahab

Hanging out with Benedict was good fun. He is a tall, laid back, upcoming house music producer with long wavy hair. We ate falafel, moussaka, baba and foul sandwiches at a local restaurant and strolled along Masbat and Eel Garden.

Music in Dahab

Among many other things, music is a common interest of mine and Benedicts. He plays 10 instruments fluently, is a sound producer and live performer. Wow. His group is rapidly up and coming and I find their most popular song very uplifting. We settled on the sea rocks under the stars and started to play the guitar. I had many questions for him as my guitar playing is not technical. I am a rhythmic player and I want to transition into jazz, so we spoke about intervals, concepts and practice exercises. He is a great teacher, ensuring that I understood everything and questioned me about what I’d learned. After I sang and played the song I made for him in Sharm and I was flattered that he said that he’d want to produce it. Haha. Mixtape coming soon…


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Ultimate List of Travel Resources

August 21, 2016

Useful Websites and Apps for all things Travel

I’ve put together the greatest list of travel resources. These websites and apps will help you plan, navigate, work abroad, find free or paid accommodation and more. New resources are added often

Airfare – see more

Skyscanner – cheap airline ticket search engine
Skiplagged – so good at finding cheap flights, they get sued by major airlines
Google Flights– a smart flight search engine
Seat Guru– find the perfect seat on any plane
Kayak – compare ticket prices with thousands of airlines
Sleeping In Airports– find out where you can sleep peacefully in airports
Which Budget – A comprehensive list of budget airlines by coverage area.
To and From the Airport – Comprehensive site with information on how to get to/from the airport.
FlightStats – Very useful tool for checking Airport and Airline on-time statistics, with ratings for specific legs to/from specific airports. Know what to expect.
The Art of Travel: Cheap Airfare – A wonderful guide with links to airfare resources.
How Many Hours – Know how long flights take and how many miles are covered.
The Layover Guide – Have a long layover? This site has airport guides.
Seat Expert – Know what seats are available.  Offers the ability to search by airline/flight number.
The Air DB – Fairly comprehensive list, can be used to identify which airlines from from an airport/where they fly to.
Yapta – A travel ticket price tracking site.  Allows you to track prices both before and after. Also has options to help you get frequent flyer credits, etc.
Hipmunk – Airfare search aggregator dedicated to providing a better user experience. Unique visual interface. Very progressively minded dev. team.
FlightFox – Pay a small fee and have people search for the cheapest airfare within your set criteria. So far, I’ve heard people are getting good results.
DoHop – Airfare search aggregator with a focus on making searches as comprehensive as possible.
Sidestep Buzz – Owned by Kayak. Allows open ended price oriented searches for flexible travel.
Fly – Powered by discount deal finder TravelZoo. A powerful airfare search portal.
Bing Travel – Powerful airfare search portal. Gives quality price predictions for domestic flights.
Orbitz – Airfare search portal. Very flexible search options (month grid, etc.). Excellent for flexible travelers.
Priceline – A booking/bidding service similar to Orbitz but with the “Name your own price” bidding option.
CheapOAir – A comprehensive airfare search engine.  Note: Listed prices include fees but exclude taxes.
Mobissimo – A comprehensive airfare search engine.
Momondo – Another up and coming airfare search engine.
Hotwire – Comprehensive airfare search engine with great flexible search options.
OneTravel – Airfare search engine.
Farecompare – A budget oriented airfare search engine.

travel accommodation

Accommodation – see more

Booking– over 800 thousand properties and 20 million rooms at your fingertips
Trip Advisor– read reviews, compare prices, and find the best hotels
Hostelworld– find cheap hostels across the world
Airbnb– rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries
All Stays– find rooms, campgrounds and truck stops.
Hostelworld – One of the largest/best 2nd generation hostel booking resources available.
Hostelz – A great hostel look-up site which incorporates reviews and listings from the other major hostel booking engines.
BootsnAll – Excellent community oriented 2nd generation hostel booking resource.
Hosteling International – 1st generation hostel network.
Bed Bug Info – General information on preventing, treating, and identifying bed bugs.
HRS – One of the world’s largest hotel booking sites. Especially strong in Europe.
Venere – Has a strong European presence.

free accommodation

(free) Accommodation – see more

Free Campsites– enjoy nature at no cost
Couchsurfing– travel the world and crash in a locals house
Mind My House– house sit for strangers and get a bed in exchange
Warm Showers– cyclists can crash in a locals house while on their bike trip
Hospitality Club Free network of people around the world who offer free accommodation
Global Freeloaders – Same principle as Couchsurfing but with one caveat: new members must host someone within the first six months.
Hospitality Club – Same principle as Couchsurfing. The site has an active community that facilitates hosting travelers and local tours.
Sleeping in Airports – The ultimate guide to sleeping in airports.


Communities – see more

Meetup – meet and do things with people who share your interests
Backpackr– the social network for travellers. Meetup with other backpackers who are travelling to the same destination as you
FlyerTalk– The worlds most frequent flyer community. Forum on frequent flyer programs
Bucketlist– discover your bucket list and unlock achievements in real life

Getting Around – see more

Blablacar– share rides and split costs with travellers diving to the same destination as you
Loco2 – travel Europe by train
Rome2Rio – discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and car
Seat61 – travel by train or ferry worldwide
Uber – tap your phone, get a ride
RV rentals guide – A comprehensive directory of RV rental dealers organized by city & state

Hiking and Outdoors – see more

Mountain Project – find boulders and rocks to climb
All Trails – find trails to hike – a collaborative content community focused on climbing, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities
Hammock Forums – discuss the world of hammock camping
Hip Camp – the most comprehensive guide to camping on private and public lands
Ultimate Campgrounds – the largest list of America and Canada campgrounds

Planning – see more

Wiki Voyage – a free worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit
Lonely Planet – guides for every destination and activity on the planet
Rough Guides – destination guides for places across the world
Yelp – find reviews for the best food, shopping, events, and more anywhere in the U.S.
Atlas Obscura – the definitive guide to the worlds curious and wondrous places
Cruise Sheet – search and find cruises
Tripit – all your travel plan n one place – book travel packages

Volunteer Opportunities – see more

Helpxlisting of host organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, you may receive your own room and sometimes other benefits such as free Internet use, horse riding, tours, surfing etc..
WorkawayWorkaway set up to promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers who can stay with 1000s of families, people, or small businesses
Wwoof – placement of volunteers on organic farms
Crewbay – find sailing crew, professional yacht crew, boat crew with sailing and power boats to sail with in exchange for help on the boat

Paid Work For Free Travel – see more

Daves Esl Cafe – English teaching ideas and job postings worldwide A wide range of seasonal jobs from Chalet Hotel jobs to Resort Representatives for both the summer and winter
seasonworkers.comsummer jobs, ski jobs…
All Cruise Jobs – the worlds largest list of cruise ship jobs
Any Work Anywhere – any work any where
Ski-Jobsapply directly to hundreds of ski jobs by resort or job type


Best blogs for tips, fun reads and inspiration

RORYS ADVENTURE TRAVEL BLOG – Rory is my BF, I love him. Far from basic he travels countries the average traveler wouldn’t, because he is not an average guy. Like Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan, Eritrea all the while looking beautiful. I have spent many amazing days in London and Tel Aviv with Rory

RUDY GIRON – What a beautiful photographer! He shows all the intricate parts of Antigua, Guatemala through stories and photos.

Libritas De Mas – Food Blog El Salvador – Dorris runs a wonderful food blog based in El Salvador. She’s honest, funny and posts real reviews

Food and Maternity Blogger from Medellin – Colombian based food and maternity blogger

Restaurant Critic Blog (USA) – Savory Travels from state to state to find great restaurants for people to dine, writing reviews regarding the experience and uses airline jargon to rate each place

The Anonymous Gangster Blog