5 Best Stops on the Panorama Route, South Africa 

The whole route is the best but if we had to choose these would be our top choices! There is a bit of something for everyone on the panorama route, whether you’re into waterfalls, rolling hill landscapes or craters older than time; you’re going to find a stop that is just for you on the

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My Trip To ‘No Mean’ Nazareth

Bus from Jerusalem to Nazareth cost 39NIS and takes just under 2 hours. Nazareth. Open for business? Nazareth, started as a little Jewish town around 2,000 years prior has spread its name far and wide as religion and skeptics alike desire to see the spot where the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ had lived, though

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Crossing the Taba, Egypt to Eilat, Israel land Border on foot

Since the 2014 Taba bus bombing on a tourist coach, killing 4 - foreigners are crossing the Egypt - Israel border less and less It took about 20 minutes to cross the border from Taba to Eilat and I didn't pay anything and it was a breeze compared to the nightmare border crossing I did

Crossing the Taba, Egypt to Eilat, Israel land Border on foot2016-08-27T09:39:47+00:00

Egyptian Vegan Food (aka Vegan heaven)

Most Egyptians don't know what vegan means... they may not realise it but Egypt is vegan heaven. Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians left evidence of their love for food. Well-preserved wall paintings and carvings have been discovered on tombs and temples, depicting large feasts and a variety of foods. Many of these ancient foods

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