(Funny) How much would you charge for sex?

At some point, most people have thought about how much they would charge for sex. True, it depends on so many things, different variables like what position, how long is the session, man or woman, oral…
So I decided to ask a handful of my friends and here is what they said

How much would you charge for sex?

The following names are all alias names

Eden (me): £15,000 per minute. 3 minute minimum and 5 minute maximum. Lez, Straight, Queer, Trans are welcome. Anything goes… You must pay for all costs including room, transport and refreshments. Kissing £1500 extra.

Ginger: €5000/hour. If I were to have sex with men, it would have to be BDSM like I’d tie them up and stuff like that. They’d be my bitch! No kissing or them touching me. And for women, I’d let them kiss me. 30-40 minutes should be enough

Scott: £50 for 30-60 minutes. I’m cheap. Gay men only. Safe sex and no kissing allowed

No Terms Evans: €60 / hour for women. I could specialise in being a women’s sex slave… take punishment as do as she pleases for one hour. Men €200 because it’s not so fun! No hits in the face and strap on welcome.

Conqueror: It would be free of charge. No men.

Celina (my friend’s alias name, lol): £250,000 No pictures, hotel room required. No overnight stay.

Antman: “Selling myself” is an expression I don’t like. I’m selling my time for a service, not myself. If I like the person, no fee. Somebody so-so, €100/hour. Somebody ugly who’ll be tough work, €500 per hour. A man… I don’t think I could do that. It’ll have to be enough to retire from work for a lifetime.

Raven: £300. Men only, no anal. Safe sex only with condom and 2 hour time limit. If he’s ugly double

Cleo: $20,000 for men. $50,000 for lesbian girlfriend experience. Price per night

Mr Brightside: €200/30 minutes No anal. Women only. Drinks not included. I should control. Not fat. Not old. Uglies and fats would be higher.

Victoria: €200/hour. €50 extra for anal only if the guy is not too well endowed. Drinks and hotel required. €600 for overnight stay

Two Pump Chump: I’d love to charge a few million per two pumps and have females between the ages of 22-35 years old.

Naomi: I probably would charge £3000 per 30-60 minute and £5000 for anal

Biggie: €250 per session (time varies depending on customer, min time 1 hour and max time is 1 night), no men and no trannies, no drinks included but other fun stuff is. Discounts if woman is into some fetishes and a higher price for other undesireable fetishes.

Rachel: £2k. 30 mins. No kissing. No oral. No anal. Safe


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