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My Ride Through The Choco Rainforest of Colombia

July 31, 2017

This is one of the most uncomfortable bus journeys I’ve ever experienced. The roads are terrible, full of potholes and the bus twists and turns every minute. The journey is more like 8 or 9 hours because the bus stops at many villages and towns along the way picking up and dropping off people who are hopping on and off for 5mins or so.

There are only two roads that go to and from Quibdo, Choco (one of the wettest places on Earth) from any other major city; The road to or from Medellin and the road to or from Pereira.

Since I already came from Medellin I took the road to Pereira;

How to get from Quibdo, Choco to Pereira

  1. Go to the Cabi bus terminal in Quibdo
  2. Ask for the bus going to Pereira (very frequent)
  3. Get on the bus to Pereira

Pro Tip To Save Money: If you buy your ticket at the counter they will charge you the set price of 49000 pesos. If you directly sit on the bus, and pay the driver directly you can negotiate your ticket. Mine cost 40000 pesos

The bus trip through the rain-forest of Colombia, Choco

The River

Houses along the way.. (looks scary!)

Locals doing their thing

The bus… (comfy enough and expect laughs from locals)

The rainforest scenery

The road conditions were bad. Expect a bumpy and 8 hour ride

Balsamica Drink

Some guy on the bus was traveling with bottles a home made alcohol called Balsamica and it contained many medicinal plants and was an apparently a cure for any illness. We had shots of it – apartment it was a rare chance to try the drink as it is not available anywhere else.

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