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D&D Brewery, Lake Yogoa, Pulhapansak & Irritants.

April 19, 2017

Nestled away between the mountains and Lake Yogoa lies D&D Lodge, Brewery, and Restaurant.

For what it is, they offer more then a place to stay. D&D Lodge, Brewery and Restaurant offer camping, private rooms and cabins all at an affordable rate and hand crafted beer. Since  don’t have any other recommendations in Lake Yojoa I recommend D&D Brewery. It is a great place to stay, and the food wasn’t bad either. Tents start from $3/night, dorms from $6/night and private rooms from $12.50. Food is a bit pricey for Honduran standards but the portions are large.

Up until now Honduras had only provided me with one highlight, and that was diving with whale sharks in Utila. As you probably read in my previous post about Tegucigalpa I was forming a dull opinion of Honduras and was ready to leave the country. It wasn’t even like I was against the clock, I have all the time in the world, but after Tegus I felt like I was becoming fatigued by the country, the people and the environment around me.

My irritating journey to Lake Yojoa

Since I was starting to question my existence in Honduras it only came as a welcoming invitation when Jorge proposed I join him on the ride to Lake Yojoa. I met Jorge, a loose cannon from Tegus while I was in the capital and we were supposed to hang out, he show me the city and landscape but his plans changed and he announced to me that he was going to the lake and I could join him if I wanted to.

We immediately kicked off on the wrong foot. While he was passionate for the country he appeared to have no social conscious of what was happening around him – or he didn’t care. He dismissed the currently resistant movement in Honduras as a fashion, he brushed off the fact that there is over-advertising of junk food in Honduras as an answer to the hunger cry of Hondurans, stating that the people are tired of beans, rice, veg and fruit. It was all a bit absurd.

So you can imagine that once we got out of the lake I was relieved to have time to myself again.

Lake Yojoa, Honduras nature attraction

When you go; do exactly this.

Wake up around 7am – No, I’m not a morning person either but trustttt me. Eat breakfast if you must and head over to the lake. Grab a kayak from a local kayak shop, I paid 100L for my single person kayak and head out into the lake.

This was the first time I was alone kayaking, I looked around me and there were neither fellow kayaks nor fishermen. This time it was just me, I had the entire lake, the entire magnificent landscape – all to myself, if you ask me that is worth the struggle of waking up early.

The kayak trip was totally unplanned. I stumbled on a chance to kayak alone in the early hours.

Pulhapansak, Honduras waterfall and national park

We climbed and hiked behind the waterfall Pulhapansak, extreme thrill

The novelty of witnessing a waterfall has long died on me. I’ve seen several waterfalls in Central America, Africa, Europe and Asia so I was like mehhh, very unenthusiastic about seeing another one but I went along with a group from D&D lodge because I had heard that Pulhapansak wasn’t the average waterfall experience.

it was waterfall with a twist.

Pulhapansak offers the thrilling opportunity to climb into the waterfall, water fall and all – plus craw into its caves within. This is not a task for the faint hearted and admittedly it is probably one of the most risky things I’ve done this year. It beats skydiving, bungee jumping and rock climbing combined because the water is falling at full blast downwards onto you while you are carefully struggling to get around the rocks. I wont lie, it is dangerous and probably breaks several safety laws – an activity that you would never see in Western Europe or North America – I’m surprised that nobody died already because one misplaced step and you’re going with the force of the water. But this is a once in a lifetime experience and it is worth it.

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