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Denied Boarding by Binter Airline In Mauritania

January 25, 2017

I was Denied Boarding home… for no reason

Passport control let me through, but the Binter Airline employee had his own agenda

Mauritania is a strict Islamic country. The Binter Airline employee had to find a reason to deny me my boarding because he didn’t like me. He told me I was nothing and would not board my flight. I was early, I had all documents. So why did he deny me? He was a fascist, sexist, racist extreme Islam who simply did not want me to fly. In the end I had to take the bus to Senegal where I took my flight from Dakar to London with no problem. I spent 800 euros in total including my flights, accomodation and transport because the Binter Employee in Mauritania denied me boarding. (for no reason). The worst thing about this is that I had a connecting flight which I also lost. I had to take a 6 hour journey to cross ‘Africas Most Corrupt Bored’ to Senegal where I paid £350 for my flight from Dakar to London.

Here is my letter to Binter which I am still waiting on a response from.

I am Celina, 25, female from London, UK.

On Saturday 21st of Jan 2017, I was DENIED BOARDING from Mauritania to Gran Canarias where I had connecting flight to London (home). I have received no valid reason why, I have travelled over 40 countries, including with Binter with the same British passport.

Booking Ref: danger danger, Nouakchott to Gran Canaria

I arrived two hours early at Nouakchott airport to check into my flight to Gran Canarias, where I would take my connecting flight home to London. The airport way empty and a tall Arab man in his mid-50’s stood before the check in desk (pictured), took my passport and instantly started to scrutinise me and my passport. He started to ask me about my parents and my travels while he was flicking through the pages of my passport. He asked me why I was in Mauritania and I answered him that I was traveling around West Africa. He then asked me my profession and I told him I am a travel writer and magazine editor. From that moment he confiscated my passport for further inspection and muttered that it is false.

After many questions he aggressively pushed me away and said in a disgusted voice: “you are nothing, and you will not travel today

I protested and I was taken to border control police who held my passport while I waited outside. I didn’t know why this was happening. I had my visa, I had everything. The border control and chief told me that there was nothing wrong with my passport, I could fly – but it was the Binter employees decision to deny me on the flight – he later made the excuse that Binter didn’t accept my electronic ticket (once the flight was gone). Please check your CCTV

The British Embassy had been informed and are up to date with my situation as I was in real danger. I had to cross the dangerous corrupt border by land to from Mauritania to Senegal and take a flight home. At present, Monday 23rd January – I now have successfully taken a flight from Senegal, Dakar – to London with Brussels Airlines. I had no problems whatsoever with this flight. This new ticket cost me £350

Under EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled a full claim and compensation . I have extended payment on a new flight, travel expenses, accommodation and food expenses. I also would like to see proof of action against this Binter Employee.

I look forward to your solutions,

I have attached photos of my ticket, second ticket, Binter airline staff, Binter security control



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  • Reply Omo and Eulanda February 14, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Horrible experience. Had a similar experience when trying to travel from Nigeria to London via Turkish Airlines. Their Nigerian ground staff refused to check us in even though we arrived 2 hours before the flight. It is highly unlikely that you’ll get any redress in this situation. That’s just the way things operate in some African countries.

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  • Reply American Traveler April 21, 2017 at 3:39 am

    Contact them through social media, twitter, facebook, and write about them on Medium. In the future when such things happen take a picture of the personnel.

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