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Eating Vegan Food In Belize

February 27, 2017

You better Belize that I ate very well while I was in Belize.

They don’t have any exclusive vegan dishes, but they do have plenty of vegan side dishes which can make a full plate.

Fry Jacks

I love fry jacks. Typically they are served for breakfast and stuffed with filling. I stuff mine with beans and salad.

Rice and Beans

This is my ultimate favorite dish. Rice and Beans is made by slow cooking the beans overnight in a crockpot and then when they are tender, soft and delicious adding boiled rice to the mix. Some people add the beans into the rice pot and other add the rice into the beans pot. Rice and beans goes well with fried plantain and salad or sauteed veggies.


Salad is salad. Luckilly in Belize there are plenty of avocados to add to the salad


Tasty soft torillas with mixed veg and beans. Remember to remind them not to add any cheese!


Like tortillas, you can have quesadillas with a veggie or fruit filling and replace the cheese with beans

Plantain Chips

This is my ultimate favourite snack. Dried plantain chips.. I could eat them all day! They only cost $1BZ a pack


Belize’s citrus industry is huge. Often you will see orange trees everywhere you go. I even picked a few and ate them. Coconuts are everywhere, in the trees and on the floor. Crack them open, drink the juice and eat the meat inside

Other fruit grown in Belize are mangos, papaya, dragon fruit, soursop, sorrel, avocado, sapodilla, breadfruit (i love), pineapple, Guaya, golden plum, sapote, apple banana, craboo, tamarind, cashew fruit, starfruit, custard apple


Roasted sunflower seeds are sold everywhere in Belize at the chinese shops. They are only $1BZ and are very addictive. I eat mine with the shell ontop

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