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FENICIA Restaurant Review. Vegan Food Options. Lebanese Medellin, Colombia

July 1, 2017

I left annoyed with a stomach ache

Cra. 73 #Cir2-41, Medellín, Antioquia
Contact: (4) 4138566 
Price:  Main (large), about $15 with drinks

The meal came with ONE dry, crusty, flat falafel. Please explain?

I’ve been to Lebanon, and it is one of my best cuisines. The explosive middle eastern spices, the insane adventure of flavour. But Fencia didn’t provide any of this.

My food came out like an ugly plate of mush with one weird looking falafel. When I bit into the falafel it was literally crumbling apart in my mouth. It was so hard that it hurt my teeth to bite into it. The plate of rice tasted like microwave rice and they only gave a teaspoon of hummus. The cauliflower was soaked in tahini which was ok but it was tasteless.

I feel like they made ZERO effort with the food & the service. 

Food at Fenicia

The Vegan Plate


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