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Mascabado. Vegan Food Restaurant Cali, Colombia – Review

August 9, 2017

Best Restaurant In Cali

Av. 8 Nte., Cali, Valle del Cauca
Contact: (2) 6677986 Facebook | Instagram 
Price: Main (large), about $7

Located in the Gastronomy neighbourhood of Cali, Mascabado stands out on a lively street full surrounded by bars and buzzing with people.

Out of all the restaurants I’ve visited in Colombia – yes, Colombia – Mascabado wins the best points overall. On food and drink taste, staff, decor, location, ambiance and comfort. It is a rare thing that a restaurant gets everything right with one single stroke. Mascabado did.

I ordered an entree of hummus and for my main the beetroot rice risotto with pesto, which came with bread sticks and a homemade tomato sauce which still makes my mouth water thinking about it.
My entree of Hummus made me glow inside, it is one of my favourite things to eat so when the combination of wholegrain bread and perfect hummus hit my taste buds I almost melted inside – it was all you can ask from an entree of hummus.
My main course was a dish I have never tried before. Truthfully I am not a fan of risotto or creamy dishes so you can understand my total surprise at enjoying the beetroot and pesto vegetable risotto. The creaminess of the risotto with the nutty kick of the walnuts from the pesto really gave it a full and rounded taste.
Drinks were as impressive as the food. I ordered an antioxidant water – which I was surprised to even see on the menu and after the meal Kenyan rooibos tea was presented in a pot, with a timer.

Mascabado are extremely thoughtful when it comes to their menu and restaurant as a whole. The chef is fantastic and the owner is lovely with a great consciousness of food quality and customer experience.

Food at Mascabado

Entree of Hummus and hearty whole bread

Main Course of beet veggie risotto with walnuts & tofu

Antioxident Water

Bread sticks with to die for tomato sauce (comes with meal)

Tea with timer (so cute)

Mascabado Cali

Been to Mascabado?
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