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July 17, 2017

Medellin, the most happening city in South America

Medellin has transformed itself from one of the worlds most dangerous cities, known for it’s infamous drug lords and turbulent violence to the most innovative, progressive city in the world favoring change and innovation it is a hub for entrepreneurs, start ups and environmental consciousness.

For the longest time I had the strong desire to visit to visit Medellin. Every person I know that has been there boasts about how fabulous of a time they had, how tasty the food is, how green the city is, how electrifying each day is, how beautiful the people look, how friendly the locals are and how innovative the city is. So my curiosity was on the brink of exploding. I had begun to build an excessive internal pressure on myself to go to Medellin, especially as I was on this side of the world. It was too long overdue. My breaking point came when I was sat in my Los Angeles apartment, searching for flights from L.A to everywhere and just like magic, I saw a great flight to Medellin. I arrived 3 days later.

Medellin is known..

  • as the city of eternal spring “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera”
  • for its nightlife
  • for their beautiful people
  • as the industrial capital of Colombia
  • as the City of Botero
  • as a financial, commercial and industrial hub of Colombia
  • for its traditional textile industry
  • for it’s fake boob jobs for $500
  • for neighborhood gangs running the neighborhoods and reporting to a city wide mafia
  • to have tasty food but relatively heavy too
  • by its cultural encounters
  • throughout the country by their customs,
  • to be home to friendly people called “Paisas”
  • for the spirit of entrepreneurs
  • for sex tourism
  • as one of the world leading producers of flowers
  • as the Silicon Valley of Latin America
  • for innovative & urban renewal
  • as a world-class city

Medellin is fun

Medellin is fun for couples, first-time travelers, families, backpackers, foodies, party-goers, luxury travelers and all in between. It is a city which provides enjoyment for everybody.

I look forward to waking up in Medellin because each day in Medellin is unique and fulfilling full of new places to see and things to do, it is a travelers paradise and I feel like a Satisfied Traveler, being in a totally new, progressive and exciting city where the people are friendly, welcoming, kind, beautiful and social. The neighborhoods are vastly different and each take a day or two to explore through, for example; downtown “El Centro” can take days to get your head around and El Poblado might take just a few hours to walk through. There is always events running through the city like flea markets, food courts, skate shows, festivals, museums, parties, shows, parades… so I never lack options. Medellin seems to have hit the spot for all types of travelers; nature lovers, foodies, culture seekers, party animals… and the people are fun too – I’m yet to meet a dull Paisa.

Mercado Del Rio, food court in Medellin

View from Metro Cable Medellin

Waterfall at Parque Arvi, Medellin

Flea Market in Parque Bolivar

Carrera 70, street of bars in Estadio

Medellin a good place to visit, it is safe, clean & not dangerous in 2017

Medellin Drug Cartels? Medellin Mafia? Medellin unsafe to walk?

I feel safer in Medellin then I felt in USA – says Michael from New York

The city of Medellin has been transforming itself for the last century. The Paisas have had a hard time of it, with the bloody history of violence due to the cartels and corruption – so now, with the ongoing social reform, they have moved on from the past and have advanced Medellin into an up-and-coming metropolis.

Medellin locals would rather resolve a problem in a non-confrontation manner then to have a head-to-head conflict, a patience that most 1st world countries still lack.

Don’t get me wrong – like with most major cities around the world there are impoverished neighborhoods where the people are hard up & often are unable to make ends meet. In their reduced circumstances they fall to crime. In these neighborhoods, no locals in their right mind would walk through flashing their mobile phone or camera around. p.s. I heard that the weapon of choice are knives these days, not guns.

Guys in Medellin rapping and drinking in Bantu ‘Park’

Once I was walking through Comuna 13 (Medellins most feared) neighborhood and I was surrounded by a group of locals. They asked me where I was from and what I was doing – then they told me that it is not wise to be alone and I should turn back. Additionally, on two separate occasions the police noticed me walking, asked me what I was doing and told me to go a “safer” route. It seems that the locals and police alike are looking out for people who may lack knowledge or general awareness about their environment, tourists.

Medellin is Gay Friendly

I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me this before but it is true. Medellin is extremely gay friendly. The city has plenty of gay, lesbian, trans and queer nightlife options and all are diverse depending on what type of night you want to have, ie; laid back vibe in a bar or go all out in a warehouse style nightclub

I was lucky enough to attend Gay Pride in Medellin and had the time of my life

Shock came over my when I took in the crowd at Gay Pride, Medellin. I couldn’t see the end of the crowd – just a sea of people marching and dancing in pride, it was amazing. There were so many young people which surprised me but also filled me with joy because they were so free and liberated at such a young age.

Gay Pride Medellin

Industry Nightclub

Medellin Weather

Medellin is known as the city of eternal spring. What I like about this weather is that it is perfect. The sun shines, there are blue skies and you have a crisp cool breeze. It is never cold & never too hot. Being stuck in the valley of Medellin weather would be humid but the mountains surrounding the city bring in the fresh clean air. Also there are lots and lots of flowers, compliments of the weather!

Medellin is Vegan & Vegetarian Food Friendly with tons of restaurants


Being Vegan & Vegano in Medellin

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants and Food Stores in Medellin

Bantu Alternative Park Medellin

Medellin, Colombia Alternative Park (Bantu). Rap Battles, Circus Tricks, Cheap Beer and Student Crowds from celina sky on Vimeo.

been to Medellin? Have any questions about Medellin?
Comment below and let me know

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  • Reply Calvin July 17, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Hey Celina,

    Great blog post! It’s great to get a real perspective on places that seem to have such a stigma towards them. I admit, all I knew about Medellin was the drug cartels and corruption of it’s history. Thanks for painting a new picture of the city. I think I’ll add this to my long list of places to visit.



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