My top 3 vegan spreads and dips

My top 3 vegan spreads and dips

I love spreads and dips so much, I literally could gorge on hearty bread and dip all day!

It use to be all about butter and cheese but don’t fear! Vegans can still enjoy a variety of yummy spreads and dips I love sauces, spreads and dips so I’m going to share with you my favourite vegan spreads and dips for your meals, snacks, sandwiches or just bread.

Olive Tapenade

(Crushed green olive paste) This is something I discovered in a market in France. If you love olives this is a perfect substitute. Make it at home and add some spices and you have a wonderful spread or dip. Enjoy! See recipe

olive tapenade

French Pistou Sauce

This is made with Fresh basil, garlic and olive oil. I love garliccy tastes and this just hits the spot. Tip: Put some ontop the bread and grill it. It creates a delicious spin on garlic bread  See recipe

 French Pistou Sauce


BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING MARGARINE! ALOT OF BRANDS SNEAK WHEY(milk protein)  INTO THEM. This is a tricky one but its not impossible. Read the labelling carefully and then rush home to make a cucumber and salad sandwich 🙂

margarine celina

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