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North Korea: Travel Tips and Advice

January 7, 2017

Get In/Out of North Korea

To visit North Korea you will need to book through one of the various tour companies such as Koryo Group or New Korea Tours in a group or private tour. The visa will be taken care of for you by the tour company that navigates the constantly changing visa  rules and regulations. Visa’s are rarely denied if you meet all of the requirements. Since January 2010 American’s are allowed to visit any time of the year but are not allowed to enter the country by plane. Generally through the tours you will arrive on a prearranged flight to Pyongyang from Beijing.

Upon arrival don’t be surprised if your tour guide takes your passport for “security purposes” and your phone is taken until your departure.

Accommodation in North Korea

When booking your tours you will likely have a hotel arranged for you unless you book a private tour which you could give a suggestion. However they are all quite ubiquitous in their amenities.

Food in North Korea

All food consumed on the tour is inclusive and will have some western style meals included but it will primarily be traditional Korean food like guksu (cold noodles), Kimchi, and Bulgogi (barbecued meet). Don’t set your standards too high.

Getting Around North Korea

Unsupervised travel is strictly forbidden in the DPRK. You will arrange your travel plans with the tour beforehand and all tours (except for a few special programs) are ran through the Korean International Travel Company upon arrival. Depending on the tour you can expect to take buses, trains, or possibly chartered planes.


What (Not) To Do in North Korea

There are many does and don’ts (mostly don’ts) while your in the DPRK. Photography tends to be the cause of most problems and you can be punished quite severely. Only take photos when you are specifically told that you can, unauthorized photos may be seen as an act of espionage and you could be dealt with accordingly. Don’t travel outside of the hotel without the accompaniment of your guide. Don’t do anything to draw extra attention to yourself. Don’t talk to Korean citizen authorities you aren’t authorized to speak with. Do show respect for the leader when told to. Don’voice critical or negative opinions of the country. Don’t take any piece of propaganda or shop at an unauthorized store. Do listen to your tour guide carefully for specific rules that will protect you, your group, and your guide.

To See And Do in North Korea

You will be shown mostly a variety of war memorials, monuments to the great leader, and museums as planned by the tour. The DMZ is another popular attraction. The nightlife is safe and drinks are cheap, however, be weary of your appearance and to not make a scene of oneself.


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    Interesting and very unconventional travel destination. I’m not surprised of how tight the rules are for foreigners. The architecture looks fantastic though!

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