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Northern Israel

December 19, 2016

Northern Israel is gorgeous – green and sceneic with long views to Lebanon, Jordan and Syria – views to the green hills of Tzfat and the Golden Heights, to central valleys, all beneath vast blue skies and baking sun. Here and there along the heights overlooking the Golen Heights there are view points where you could see Syria, Jordan and Lebanon – views where you could see the bombing in Syria and hill tops called ‘the screaming hill’ where Syrian refugees shouted to their family members in Syria due to high telephone rates between Syria and Israel. There was wildlife too – families of rams, panthers,bats, wolves, hyenas, orynx, jackals, snakes, eagles, and more. There was no question that I was in a land of immense beauty now.

I recommend that you stay in a Kibbutz as there are not so many hotels or hostels. You can ask around and somebody will let you stay for free

Hitchhiking is the only way to efficiently get around, but luckilly it is very common and easy in Israel

I highly recommend visiting:

  • Syrian Tank

  • The Dru’s Villages

  • Odem

  • Rosh Pinna

  • Kfar Szold

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