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Podcast 03: 10 Day Water Detox While Traveling

September 12, 2017

10 Days of NO FOOD while traveling.

While traveling is demanding in itself, I still need to pay attention to my body. During my last days in Colombia and my first days in Ecuador I embarked on a 10 day NO FOOD, Water Detox. Think about it like changing the oil of your car, detoxing is the same. Clensing the body, restarting fresh and gainging mass cognative benefits.

I gorged on baked yuka, potatoes and burritos the night before my fast and I was terribly proud of my last meal. It was not easy, as some days I was moving around, leaving and crossing land borders, taking transportation and even exploring mountains and craters – all with very little energy.

The before and after pictures can be found here: CLICK HERE. My podcast contains the PASSWORD to the page as I am sensitive about showing my body

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