Racism while travelling

March 5, 2017

I have experienced two cases of racism while I’ve been travelling

  1. In Catania by a little piece of shit who called me a monkey. He was about 5 years old.
  2. In Mauritania when my flight was denied boarding for no reason other then my skin colour and sex

Most accounts of racism while travelling are from White and Black travellers.

White people feel that they are constantly being judged because of past historical events. They complain that people do not respect then and won’t give them a chance to prove themselves as individuals and not a colonial opportunists/slave masters/or Trump.

Black people feel that people give them the short straw while travelling and do not appreciate a black person. Black men feel judged because of the stereotype portrayed by western media and black women feel hyper sexualized due to the vision of a black woman on TV which is mainly booty shaking in music videos.

Asians, Orientals, Gingers… I do not know your struggles so I can’t comment on it but I am not leaving you out.

If you have experienced any racism while travelling please let me know!

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