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My Safe Trip To San Salvador

March 13, 2017

Right, that’s it!

This is the last time that I am listening to other people’s ‘warning’ about cities. 

I paid Q275 / $27.50 for my shuttle which went from Lake Attitlan to Antigua to San Salvador

I am very, very happy I went to El Salvador, though it is a first world country with third world problems

Go and visit San Salvador. There is nothing to fear, it is not dangerous like people say. Like before, I was warned about the dangers of Belize City but nothing at all happened, infact my trip went rather smooth – just like my trip to San Salvador. Smooth as a babies bottom.

In truth, I got lazy in San Salvador because it’s one of those places that you can easily navigate around. Well signed roads, malls, many transportation options, parks, cafes… I made San Salvador my base for a week in El Salvador and I saw everything that I wanted to see in the country. I ate extremely well at the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in San Salvador too.

San Salvador looks like…

East Los Angeles, California.

Driving into San Salvador I had to pinch myself TWICE and I thought I had fallen into a Californian dream. The huge fast food billboards, the drive through ATMS, the traffic, malls, the weather, the latinos wearing booty shorts. Yes, I was convinced I was in East Los Angeles because that is what it looks like there. But I wasn’t, I was in San Salvador, the most Americanized city I’ve seen.

Downtown San Salvador

Downtown San Salvador is busy. There are market stalls out everywhere and you can buy cheap things like 3 pair of socks for $0.50c. Downtown you can find the National Theatre, El Rosario (church) and the cathedral. I highly recommend going into El Rosario because it looks horrible on the outside but is a gem on the inside. The graffiti in San Salvador is out of this world amazing too, you will find yourself gazing at graffiti of old women holding huge shot guns while eating pupusas

Transportation in San Salvador

The buses are $0.25c but they get SO PACKED so I would prefer walking. Perhaps it’s because I choose to travel at rush hour (i dont know why!) but they buses get so packed I marvel at how more people keep coming on at every stop. Buses are safe

Security Guards.. Everywhere

There are security guards at every door step in San Salvador. These guys brandish their guns around their waist and it really looks stupid. It doesn’t make me feel better.. but a bit worse. Like I should be expecting an attack at any moment.

San Salvador Tourism & Day Trips

San Salvador is a good base to stay at in El Salvador as it is within hours of all the major sites and attractions. I spent time at La Liberdad, Costa del Sol, Cerro Verde, the lake and the volcanoes. I also spent one afternoon in one of the cities many malls and watched a film in English. It was called Logan, I would not recommend it.

Got a question about San Salvador?
Transport? Accommodation? Food? Other?
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