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My Trip To Salento

August 2, 2017

Salento, Colombia is located in the Eje Cafetero Region of Colombia. It is most famously known for the Cocora Valley because this is where hundreds of the worlds tallest (palm wax) trees are.

I took the last bus from the totally boring skip town city of Pereira to Salento for $7000 at 6:40pm and arrived 1 hour later in the small colonial town of Salento.

Salento is the safest place in Colombia I have been until today

…and is also the most touristic city I’ve been to. It is so touristy that foreigners outnumber the locals by 3:1 – which makes it a bit more expensive then most other towns and way less cultural. But since the highlight of Salento is the Cocoros Valley hike and Coffee Tours it makes sense.

What to do in Salento.

Top 5 things to do

Cocora Valley

This is easily the most interesting thing to do in Salento and it is just 30min away. The hike will keep you busy for the whole day

Walk Around Salento

Salento is a cute colonial town where all the buildings are colourful and quirky. There streets dip up and down and each corner has it’s own character about it.

Eat In Salento

Salento is primarily known for its trout – buttt as a vegan there are plenty of great option! Check below

Go To The Mirador in Salento

The mirador is located in the town of Salento and can be accessed by a road or stairs. This is a photo of the mirador at nighttime

Coffee Tour

Accommodation in Salento

I stayed in in Eureka Hostel

This hostel is one of the best rated on and is owned by a mother and daughter kick ass duo. They make you feel like you are in a home away from home, with their caring nature and tentative attention. Breakfast is included and it was 1min away from the plaza and it right next to the stairs that lead to the grand mirador, the look out point.

Restaurants in Salento, Colombia

Vegan / Vegetarian Food In Salento

Due to the mass foreign tourism, there are several Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Salento.
These are my recommendations


Scarecely any place is open in the morning for breakfast in Salento. Most places open around 12 or 1pm so it was a delight when I found out that El Punto Vegetal was open at 9am!

El Punto Vegetal

Great breakfast! They did a good job on the tofu and the bread was soft and delish! It cost $8000 including the natural juice and coffee

I ordered the Curry Breakfast Sandwich 

Ad: Cra. 5 #5-58 | Tel: 311 2052631 | Hrs: 9am-10pm


Lunch & Dinner

Best Vegan Sandwich! Getting a vegan sandwich must be done right and Makao got it on point! This was the perfect meal after a long hike in the Cocora Valley

I ordered The Vegan Sandwich 

Ad: Cl. 4 #5-8 | Tel: 320 6551031 | Hrs: 12pm-10pm | Facebook

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