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Menaje a troi in Paris

April 7, 2016

I met S and C together in a bar. Of course.. I was alone. The bar was typically beautiful, expensive, classy bar close to the Lourve. I was reading a book when their friend D approached me to compliment the title of my book. D’s partner and friends were on their way asked to join me and I obliged. I went from a solo team to a group of 4 unexpectedly. Really, I planned on finishing my book. Eventually I found out more about my new group. It turns out that they all worked together for some corporate company. The evening was approaching and I decided to make a move. We exchanged numbers, said our goodbyes. I soon got a text from S inviting me to a party in the Suburbs. I’d heard mixed things about the burbs of Paris, everything from dangerous to cute/quiant. I’d only been there once but not in daylight so I couldnt judge. I guess like everywhere, it depends which part of the burbs. I accepted the invitation. I am now going to vaguely discribe my night in points.

  • Bottles of Moet
  • Bottles of Ciroc
  • Bottles of Grey Goose
  • HipHop/AfroBeats/Dancehall/House
  • Dancing
  • A fight (not me)

To enter this club you had to buy a bottle on entry. A BOTTLE! Not a glass.. I have no clue where I was. But it was the most fun I’d had in a very long time. We were all having fun together… After the fight broke out we drove (who drove!) back to my rented Parisian apartment.

— We all went for breakfast the next day. Amazing expereince..

Needless to say that before this experience I never had a mutual 3 way relationship. But it works. I think this works because I dont live in Paris. We see eachother once every few months and it works.

Blog Europe France

Exploring The Streets Of Lyon

April 5, 2016

Gosh its beautiful here. And just what I needed after the hideous break up with my ex.

Lyon is rich in atmosphere, people and the city moves at a good pace. Not too fast, not sluggishly slow

I walked alot in Lyon, I mean ALOT. It is one of the more cleaner French cities. Calm, relaxed atmosphere with a cool sophisticated hipster vibe. I recommend visiting Parc de la Tete d’Or, Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere, Vieux Lyon and Fourviere Hill.

Vieux Lyon was my favourite part of the visit

Vieux Lyon is the old town of Lyon. I was lucky enough to be visiting during the summer time so I lined up a perfect adventure of a hot summers day. As it is the cities oldest district you will find yourself walking through many ally ways and side roads. Sometimes there are too many little streets to walk into you’ll be spoilt for choice. While walking alone I started to make up my own stories with my surrounding as the setting. It is that enchanting.

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere should defiantly be on your list. I took a weird route to get there and discovered an old open theatre courtyard. I climbed to the top of the hill and simply chilled out. Ate my packed lunch then walked on to the Fourviere. Most people take a tram or the shuttle bus. Fourviere itself offers a magnificent view of Lyon. It is packed with tourists but you can find your own little spot which is what I did.

Lyon ratings:

People: 6/10, the people are nice but reserved. I wasn’t interacting much though

Food: 8/10, the food in Lyon is vegan friendly. (unlike other French cities)

Price: 8/10, all good about price, i barely spent anything

Nightlife: i don’t know..

Vibe: 8/10, great vibe, chill, relaxed and clean

Average Overall Rating: 7.8/10


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My trip to Kosovo

March 12, 2016

I celebrated New Year 2015 in Prestina, Kosovo!

Driving in from Montenegro was stunning. LANDSCAPE PORN

The night Kosovo started with a strange ‘curry’. It was more of a tomato sauce and rice but it fed me up for the evening! The gathering in the main square was starting and by 11:30pm it was packed. At 12, New Years the firework display began and it nearly brought a tear to my eye. It was so basic and very amateur. There was no great backdrop to compliment the display but a grey, horrible building. But what stuck me was that the crowd were in awe. It was so meaningful for them. I was so thrilled to go into the New Year with this wholesome feeling.

The night quickly turned into memorable fun. I danced in the busy square in the circle with the people while the musicians played their traditional Balcan music on the stage! Ha ha!

The party stopped at 10am the next day.

The day time scenery is beautiful in the country side of Kosovo. The mountains are absolutely breath taking..

Though the excitement soon died…

Warning: Listen to Uncle Google. Do not try and take the short road into Serbia. It is not a border. You will drive for 4 hours only to be turned away and told to drive through Macedonia to get to Serbia. I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!

2014 - foto ridvan slivova (1)

2014 - foto ridvan slivova (1)

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Milan is OK

January 21, 2015

I think that Milan is an overrated city to travel to.

Jan, 2015
I am in Milan. The only thing that interests me is the prospect of meeting somebody interesting.. Also its so modelly that sometimes I even feel like I could be scouted as a supermodel (haha wishful thinking) Otherwise.. Its just this big shopping city.

For breakfast/lunch I went with some guys I met to a pizza place called Spontini. I do not recommend this place for the healthy stomach! It is greasy with thick bread, and drenched in cheese. It made my stomach growl. Still, very busy full of locals and tourists. 6euros for the amount of pizza in the picturespontini

As you walk closer to the Duomo the more model-y and fashion-y it gets. Yesterday I did alot of city walking and nothing really impressed me. But still somehow.. its better then Venice.

Besides, today is rainy and grey. Yesterday’s weather was nice. I put my heel into the bulls balls and spun around 3 times for luck. There was a bit of confusion if I should use my right leg of left.. as Italians dont speak much English they seem to think that the louder they talk the more I understand.. It got a bit much. Then people started clapping when I was done.. A bit strange, but nothing harmful! Do that if your in Milan.

I walked into the Duomo and it was interesting. Very magnificent but the projectors and upscale speakers kind of kill the vibe. But I never realised how much the smell of a church is so tantalising!

After all the walking, enroute back to the apartment I am staying in, a quick coffee break was needed in a place called Pave. It was perfect!  A perfect way to end the day. I ordered a sparkling water with bread and homemade jam. I am a bread-o-holic so its a big deal. The bread was perfect. It was brown, with the perfect chew. They were explaining to me something about the yeast.. Kinda tuned out. But still.. the jam was nice and the setting was “shabby chic” whatever that means but it was fresh and cosy.

Marangoni-Blog-Pave-Milano-21 timthumb pave.milan_


Do black people travel?

October 6, 2014

A Black Traveler Is The Best Type Of Traveler

I have been traveling for 7 years and have had the best experiences and responses

As my travels deepen the scarcity of seeing more black people concerns me. Its becoming more obvious to me that black people travel much around the world. When I recognise white foreigners amoung my trips I began to wonder where my curious fellow brothers and sisters are?

Is there a particular reason?

Lack of curiosity?
Fear of acceptance?

Racial separation is much more apparent to me when I travel, and I don’t like it. Does it mean that black people are scared to step out of their comfort zones? We need to get rid of the tyranny of attaching an open mind to race. Due to my ‘Black British/African’ heritage I have even more unique experiences when I meet people abroad. There is no fight for acceptance or acknowledgement. People are more interested in where I am from, my culture, my ways, my stories… I am welcomed by the locals which broadens adventure: camping with nomads, sleeping under the stars in the sahara with locals, traditional wedding invitations, more and more friends, exploring the illegal underground world in Paris and more.

Being a different type of traveler has its benefits.

People around the world have adapted to seeing white travelers, so it is repetitive, unexciting and boring. They are treated with a standard and their experiences become platonic so being a non-white traveler has major benefits. Black travelers are interesting and new. We are welcomed, highly celebrated and deeply liked.

I’d like my fellow people of colour to understand this and get out there because you might find that you feel more at home in a foreign land then where you are.

Join me.