The Hole of Mauritania

February 9, 2017

I have been to many holes, and Islamic Republic of Mauritania is on the very top of the shitholes.

I have visited Mauritania and I will never go back.

Twisted Hole

There is nothing in Mauritania but rows of houses with tents outside for their slaves to live. The city itself is dirty, trash everywhere which attracts too many flies. Unlike other African countries it is not vibrant, can can not hear laughter in the streets, see people hanging out or watch children play with joy. Here everyone is awkwardly hidden indoors. There are no attractions but only the beach where the fisherman are. There are no local restaurants where you can try local Mauritanian food. There are no fun activities as it is all forbidden. There is.. no life.

It appears that all the rejected Arabs came to a desert land 60 years ago and formed their own twisted society called Mauritania. Their way of thinking is outdated, closed and inhumane, for those reasons, amoung others you can clearly tell Mauritania is only a 60 years old. It is all rather primitive. Who in their right mind would migrate to a desert land, low in resources and call it home, you must be pretty messed up to finalize that decision, and so formed the society of Mauritania. 

At first I thought it was because of the religion, extreme Islamic mentalities are different to others but I have traveled to many Islamic countries and have never seen anything like this. Prior to Mauritania I was in Senegal and Gambia enjoying my life to the maximum! I will not blame the Mauritanian problem entirely on religion. No, it is the Mauritanian society as a whole. 

According to Mauritanians being a black women is the lowest and most disgraceful human you can be. Shit. Looks like I’m screwed.

Perhaps it was because I look like a foreiger in style that I didn’t suffer any attacks or receive any ill treatment in Nouakchott. The only thing was that I wad told to cover up from wearing a t-shirt which I couldn’t as my bag wasn’t in reach. My bad experience came from what I witnessed in Mauritania.

Slavery & Society in Mauritania

Mauritanian Society is very odd and strict. You can’t style your hair, you can’t wear colours such as yellow or green. You can’t express yourself freely. Women can’t be friends with men & men can’t be friends with women, you can’t marry another race, men and women can’t shake hands… the list goes on. Popular modern jobs or hobbies like graphic design, photographer, web designer, writer, actor are all discouraged and shun. Mauritanian Society will talk bad about you and shame you because in their eyes it is disgraceful.

Slavery in Mauritania

Slavery in Mauritanian is legal and acceptable in 2017. Can you believe this? I was so shocked. The uncomfortable thing is that it is visible. Black Mauritanian families have a room in their slave masters house and carry out all the requests that they are required to do. They are not always paid. In many cases they don’t even get a room for shelter, I saw several families living in tents outside middleclass/rich Mauritanian houses. A local told me that the Black Mauritanians accept their role because they believe that they were born into their rightful place, according to their religion of Islam.

White & Black Mauritanians

The ‘white’ Mauritanians think they are white but.. The so called white Mauritanians aren’t even white. Their skin is BLACK. The only difference is that they aren’t as dark in complexion as the ‘Black Mauritanians’. There is no such thing as a White Mauritanian, but these people seem to call themselves white. They seem to have a disease called illusion and colour blind.

It seems like Mauritania is lost in its own bubble and it doesn’t look like it will improve anytime soon. Freedom is something like a taboo word here and independent thinking is punishable by prison. I think the country should take advise from it’s surrounding countries such as Senegal, Morocco and Spain (Canaries) because these countries are functioning well.

Bad leadership, closed society, extreme beliefs, outdated rules and a very unattractive culture make Mauritania. I hope you change one day.

I was denied boarding due to sexist, racist and fascist airline employees.

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