The 5 Curses of Long Solo Travel

December 30, 2016

The First Curse Of Long Travel: IDGAF

I Don’t Give A F*. I have witnessed that some people have real problems – not ‘he said, she said’ which derives from jealousy, spite or passion.. but real problems like having their homes bombs, watching their family get killed or not seeing any harvest. I am immune to other people’s bullshit, including my own and that is not fair.

The Second Curse Of Long Travel: Relationships

Me, myself and I. Travel romances are awesome, we all know that. No matter how wonderful the person is or how beautiful… our time together has a guaranteed expiry date, let’s say about 3 months max. So what happens then? I have to keep it moving to the next destination. Fall in love(s), break hearts, get heart-broken and repeat.

Every now and then I meet somebody who proposes that I settle down and it makes me wonder, would I settle down in one place with one person? Definitely – I just haven’t met the right person to make me do it.

The Third Curse Of Long Travel: Money

Even the super budget traveller needs money. I agree that you can travel around the world to next to nothing but you still need something. Every 3 months I need to check up on my money tree to make sure that it is still healthy. I take at least a week or two out of my travels to ‘balance the books’ and ‘review the business’. Lucky for me I enjoy what I do so I don’t mind.

Along the way I’ve met many travellers who fund their trip in different ways. In Cape Verde I met a French guy who cooked and sold French street food to locals and tourists from a cardboard box at the beach. He made about 30 euros a day. You can either work along the way in bars, restaurants, hostels, etc.. or you can work from your computer like me.

The Forth Curse Of Long Travel: Alone Time

Without any social interaction we have the potential to mentally fall apart. Have you ever been alone so long that your mind starts to wander into bizarre directions? Memories that you forgot become very clear, bad moods linger and the emptiness grows.

I travel alone, I understand Alone Time very well so I read books, I write to you and I listen to music. I keep occupied to avoid letting my mind wander.

The Fifth Curse Of Long Travel: Saying Goodbye

There is nothing good about leaving a beautiful place – and it is not easy. 

Once your next destination is set the days leading up to leaving will be joyous but terribly painful. If I am leaving a truly beautiful place, like Cape Verde with its white sand beach, perfect weather, friendly atmosphere and oasis-like tropical mountainside I am often miserable on the plane to the next destination.


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