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  • Travel

    Travelling Makes Us Happier Then Material Wealth

    I want this, that and that. The fact is that the main barrier to happiness is: adaptation. When something we’ve purchased gets to be distinctly standard, boring and unexciting, the level of life fulfillment we…

    July 3, 2017
  • Asia

    My WILD Trip To Tel Aviv

    After a holistic, soul seeking adventure around Israel I decided to end it in Tel Aviv. Truthfully the city didn’t excite me because it’s nothing new, I’m from London – I am a big…

    July 1, 2017
  • Racism while travelling

    I have experienced two cases of racism while I’ve been travelling In Catania by a little piece of shit who called me a monkey. He was about 5 years old. In Mauritania when my…

    March 5, 2017
  • R

    The loneliness of traveling alone

    I always travel alone, because I choose to. Sometimes I say it is because nobody else has free time like me, but in truth – I would travel alone regardless. I travel solo because…

    March 2, 2017