My Trip To San Marcos, Lake Atitlan – Guatemala

March 17, 2017

Far removed from the Jungle of Champey or the Island of Flores, lays the large lake of Lake Atitlan.

This vast basin of water – is home to several towns like Santa Cruz La Laguna, Tzunana and Jaibalito which can only be reached by boat or Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó are linked by road to Panajachel and Santa Clara La Laguna and San Pedro and San Juan in the West, Santiago Atitlán in the South, Cerró de Oro on The South East and San Lucas Tolimán in the East.

San Marcos is somewhere between San Pedro and Santa Cruz

San Marcos is known to be full of New Age Hippies – I was told to expect to see westerners practicing yoga in the street while eating vegan food and chanting for zen.

Very different was my experience. Well.. it wasn’t VERY different to that but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, infact it wasn’t bad at all – quite the contrary, it was fantastic! I got swept up by the wave and found my own zen in San Marcos.

San Marcos Town

The town stretches from the pier to the mountain which I believe is called Zone 2. There is a main little street which has several restaurants, shops, street sellers, yoga centers and bars running on either side of it until it finally reaches the main road. And that’s it. That’s basically San Marcos – it’s a holistic, yogi, spirtual, in-tune and utterly relaxing part of Lake Atitlan. Admitedly, there were a few homes and restaurants beyond the two roads I mentioned here and there, but there certainly didn’t seem to be any reason stray from the ‘inner town’ bubble.

Along much of the path meanders many chill spots, and unlike San Pedro there are not for people going from bar to bar to hostel to party. They are insense filled places where you can spend the whole day sipping on ginger tea and reading a book called “The Power Of Now”. My favourite place in San Marcos was actually by the lake where I took this picture on my Instagram.

Hiking behind San Marcos to Fungi Academy

I did go beyond the bubble of San Marcos one day, to visit my friends at Fungi Academy.

Nobody seemed to know where Fungi Academy was as I asked for directions. Finally one woman told me that it was way up the ‘mountain’ and I would have to climb… so I did – up the steep and narrow route as the blazing sun beat down on me. By the time I reached the top I was dumb founded. The view was absolutely gorgeous, I could see the whole lake, volcanoes and the surrounding towns. It was a post card moment.

Who are Fungi Academy?

The Fungi Academy is an amazing collective of passionate souls that are trying to help change this world for the better with an excellent creative community for self-development, sharing and learning skills and about mushrooms.

Since the beginning of 2016 they have been teaching practical skills of mushroom cultivation for food, medicine and mycoremediation of damaged ecosystems. They hope that once the general public is empowered with this knowledge, they will have the ability to continue sharing these skills, so that open-source mycology can spread like a social mycelial net.

You can apply to be a volunteer at Fungi Academy on their website

Why am I interested in Fungi Academy?

I am heavily involved and interested in the relationship between psilocybe and migraines.

My San Marcos Experience

It seems like everybody in San Marcos is tuned into a higher state of being, mostly through meditation, yoga, breathing techniques or drugs.

During a casual stroll around the town I was invited to have some drinks with a  group of creatives. The space was located in the heart of San Marcos and was full of locals, expats and foreigners alike. They were warm to me and invited me to chill out with them, so I did. I had no other plans anyway.


Music was playing; drums, guitar and vocals, beers flowed, quetzateca stung and weed burned (sadly I don’t smoke due to asthma) things were really good. A guy from Barcelona joined our group and brought in the powerful drug called DMT.

Stay tuned for my next post on my experience taking DMT – post coming soon

Photos Of San Marcos

Yep, San Marcos has Art Galleries and a Spanish School

This is an announcement board in San Marcos for Spanish Schools, Yoga Classes, Apartments and more

The lil beach at San Marcos with a view of the volcano (i think its a volcano)

Who doesn’t want a Q5 ($0.50) Vegan Tostada

San Marcos Street

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