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The Most Vegan Friendly Countries In Europe For Travelers Pt.1

January 5, 2017

This list of the 24 best Vegan spots in Europe are filled with fantastic options in beautiful cities.

Additionally it seems that even if it is not an official vegan restaurant nearly all restaurants & cafes in the city have some labeled vegan options on their menus in the following cities

Amsterdam, Holland

In Amsterdam there are heaps of spots for vegans and veggies that are super decent. Moreover you can discover many stores that offer apparel, shoes, body care or gifts that is vegan and vegetarian as being organic and fair trade. Don’t forget to grab a juice at the Juice Brothers or check out Marits Eetkamer the living room style restaurant which uses mostly local, seasonal, organic, and fair trade ingredients

Athens, Greece

Unsurprisingly it turns out there’s plenty of options for vegetarian food in Athens so it’s not all about charcoal-grilled and spit-roasted meats or Souvlaki. Over the past few years there has been a welcome increase in restaurants catering to vegans and vegetarians. Avocado and Rosebud is definitely worth a try

Berlin, Germany

Back in 2015 Berlin was announced the most veggie city in the world. It’s hardly any surprise as new awesome V spots keep popping up. I agree that it is very easy to be vegan in this friendly German city. Don’t forget to try the chocolate cake in Vaust Braugaststatte

Brighton, England

Brighton is a haven for vegans and veggies. It is also home to one of Europe’s biggest vegan festivals – VegFestUK. Brighton boasts some of the most reputable and award winning vegetarian restaurants in the entire country. V Bites even have a unique selection of vegan meats, fish and cheeses!

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels has a growing veggie and vegan scene so although Belgium is famous for beer, chocolate and waffles – you can still find the vegan option so you dont miss out some of the nations favorite treats. For gluten free and raw options check out Moonfood.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has the highest pig-man ratio in the World. The country with 5.7 million inhabitants has an average population of 12.7 million pigs, according to ir-d. During my time in Copenhagen I went back to 42 Raw twice because it was that good! Bit pricey though..

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh and it’s brother Glasgow were named the UK’s Most Vegan-Friendly City so as you’d expect Edinburgh offers a host of wonderful vegan restaurants and cafés. I went to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and was lucky enough to check out the place with the Hottest Tattie in Town – The Baked Potato.

Florence, Italy

When I’m in Italy I love diving into the vegan version of classic Italian dishes. Florence is known for its special Florentine cuisine and you can get a taste then go to Dolce Vegan which is an organic fair trade shop and bakeries serving little treats!

Ghent, Belgium

Even though Ghent is a small picturesque city in Belgium there are rumors that it is not only the best veggie spot in Belgium, but most vegetarian friendly city in the world. Thursday is even ‘veggie’ day so veggies and vegans alike definitely dont have a shortage of options.

Glasgow, Scotland

PETA named Glasgow UK’s most Veggie city in the UK and while I was there my belly was filled with the tastiest dishes from the Flying Duck and The 78. Glasgow truly is a perfect place for vegans, and every dish comes with a side of humor too which is a bonus.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is home to many healthy vegan restaurats like The Restaurant Leaf though I haven’t eaten at a V spot in Hamburg so I’ll keep you posted

Helsinki, Finland

The vegan trend has gripped over Helsinki like a warm glove over a freezing hand as Helsinki slowly turns Veg. What is facinating to me is the range of interesting plant based options in the supermarkets. For breakky, lunch, dinner and snack Fafa’s falafel spot could feed me all day.

Leicester, England

As a Londoner this one shocks me. Leicester is home to over 75 veggie & vegan spots and have a thriving vegan community. Who knew, but when you think about it – it makes sense that due to the large Hindi, Sikh and Jain populations of Leicester, many of the restaurants are meat, dairy and fish free, and all have vegan options.

Lisbon, Portugal

I usually spend at least a month out of my year in Lisbon as it is the perfect place for me ticking all my boxes, including being highly vegan friendly. Portuguese food is delicious and you can tell that they take flavor very seriously. I especially love going for dinner at Terra which feels so homely and comfortable and even if you’re on the go Vitaminaz (a fast food joint in Lisbon) has a large vegan section.

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  • Reply Sam | Alternative Travelers May 4, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Interesting, I was surprised to see Brussels on here as I have a vegan friend living there and he said it’s not so great for vegans as it only has 4 all vegan restaurants and they have very limited hours. Do you have any places you recommend that have great vegan options but aren’t necessarily vegan? Those are always a little harder to search out, though I do feel like the number of vegan restaurants in a city is a pretty good indicator of how vegan-friendly it is!

    Ooh and btw, Dolce Vegan in Florence is closed now – we looked it up on a recent trip a nd they’ve sold the brick and mortar place to focus on other projects. =(

    Cheers from another vegan travel blogger! =)

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