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Vegan Restaurants in Cuenca, Equador

July 30, 2017

Cuenca has been raved as one of the prettiest cities in South America

Cuenca is the most European looking city in Ecuador and is home to many North American retirees as it is a charming, quiet quaint place where you can spend your days in peace, surrounded by beauty.

Vegan Restaurants in Cuenca aren’t plenty, like in Banos but I’ve compiled a verified list of 35 restaurants that serve Vegan and Vegetarian food in Cuenca.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Cuenca

A pedir de Boca
Casa Azul Galeria Cafe
Comida Sana Cuenca
Comida Sana Cuenca Domicilio
El Mercado
El Naturista
El Tokte
Fabianos Pizzeria
Formosa Taiwan Restaurante Vegetariano
Govinda’s Vegetariano
Goza Espresso Bar
Jai Ho Indian Restaurant
La Caleta Cocina Ecuatoriana
La Quinua Vegetarian Restaurant
La Sandwicherie
Le Petit Jardin
Mangiare Benne Restaurante
Namaste India
Pizzalacqua Cuenca
Pura Vida
Reparte Amor
Restaurante Vegetariano Alfolí
Sofy Glocal Cuisine
Sunrise Cafe
Taita Inti
Thai connection
The Vegetable Bar
Tres Hojas
Tutto Matto Pizzeria
Windhorse Cafe

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