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Vegan or Vegano restaurants. Where to eat good food in Medellin, Colombia

June 23, 2017

Colombians seen to believe that meat adds flavour. Without meat, the meal is empty – so they say. So let me start with the bad news first. Most of the restaurants will cook their food in butter or meat fat so it is important to be aware.


Medellin is an effortlessly cool city which is constantly re-inventing and upgrading itself. That being said, in recent years there have been a surge of vegan and vegetarians restaurants open in Medellin and according to Happy Cow there are more then 50+ vegan & vegetarian friendly restaurants and shops.

Click here to view a list of all vegan & vegetarian restaurants and shops in Medellin

Vegan Tour Medellin

During my trip to Medellin I will explore as many vegan restaurants as possible in the city leaving my honest feedback. I find this particularly important because I nearly made a mistake of my own here; nearly eating a plate full of beans ‘frijoles’ and being told that there was chorizo fat in the mix.

Pro Tips:

  1. Bread Often Is Make With Milk
  2. Beans Are Often Made With Meat Fat
  3. Food is often cooked with the same kitchenware.
  4. Ask about 5 times in 5 different ways – just incase

Bonus Tip: Fresh fruit is everywhere so you can fill yourself up with that

My top recommendations of restaurants for Vegans and Vegetarians in Medellin


Situated in the hip upscale neighborhood in Medellin called El Poblado – Dharma is the oh so cosy, welcoming & ambient… Read my full review

Roll’up Sushi Burrito

If there is a style of cooking that can be defined as millennial, and increasingly I think there is, it lies in the sum of these various parts. It’s about full-flavours, creativity, fusion, and a devoted conviction that flavour must win every time. Read my full review

Lenteja Express

With 4 locations in Medellin – Lenteja express is the only chain vegetarian & vegan restaurant in Medellin, that’s an indication of their popularity and success. Read my full review


I strolled into Flora not knowing what to expect. The decor is so attractive and well designed. It is not too fancy but it is definitely trendy, in a good way! Flora have plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians so I decided to get the salad bowl with an oriental sauce. It was too good to be true, I just wanted to stay forever and the price is reasonable



Since Indian food is the National Dish Of Britain I had been craving a good curry for a while. I ordered the lentil curry at Masala and they came through as if I was back home in London. The bread was really really satisfying. Just a quick note though: I went with @eat_medellin and she complained that her chickpeas were undercooked which they were. When you go make sure that you specify that you want your chickpeas cooks well done.

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