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Vegan or Vegano restaurants. Where to eat good food in Medellin, Colombia

June 23, 2017

Colombians seen to believe that meat adds flavour. Without meat, the meal is empty – so they say. So let me start with the bad news first. Most of the restaurants will cook their food in butter or meat fat so it is important to be aware.


Medellin is an effortlessly cool city which is constantly re-inventing and upgrading itself. That being said, in recent years there have been a surge of vegan and vegetarians restaurants open in Medellin. According to Happy Cow there are more then 50+ vegan & vegetarian friendly restaurants and shops.

Click here to view a list of all vegan & vegetarian restaurants and shops in Medellin

Vegan Tour Medellin

During my trip to Medellin I will explore as many vegan restaurants as possible in the city leaving my honest feedback. I find this particularly important because I nearly made a mistake of my own here; nearly eating a plate full of beans ‘frijoles’ and being told that there was chorizo fat in the mix.

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