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(2018) Malta Travel Guide: Weekend Trip

Have you ever dated someone who was easy,  very beautiful, lovely, friendly, really really nice but just a bit slow? That's Malta in human form. It brings me joy that I can write a post about a whole country, as oppose to breaking up my post by cities. Malta is really that small.. Check out

(2018) Malta Travel Guide: Weekend Trip2018-04-01T12:32:38+00:00

Gdańsk in 4K – 2018 | Travel Film | Sony Alpha A7rIII Camera

Hey guys and girls.. This short video about Gdansk is a collaborated project from the tourist and the local. Really, Gdansk is a wonderful place. If you have ever been you would agree that it is almost the perfect travel destination with a perfect balance of accessibility, affordability and activity. Sort of like a city

Gdańsk in 4K – 2018 | Travel Film | Sony Alpha A7rIII Camera2018-03-14T07:31:33+00:00

Toronto City Guide 2018 | Travel Film | Sony Alpha a6000 Camera

During the winter of 2017 I travelled to Toronto for one month. The temperatures were beyond freezing everyday though the skies were still beautiful. I was lucky enough to venture out to Niagara Falls as a bonus. Here is what I saw and captured in under 2minutes. Please like and subscribe to my new channel

Toronto City Guide 2018 | Travel Film | Sony Alpha a6000 Camera2018-02-03T09:17:00+00:00

5 Best Vegan Spots In London according to TripAdvisor

Personally I think that this list is Bogus. Perhaps because I'm from London that I don't follow the trip advisor tourist traps. But here it goes anyway.. Here are the top 5 Vegan Spots in London According To Trip Advisor based on cuisines (vegan/veggie) and ranking. 5. Pret A Manger - 556 Oxford Street Quick, 'apparently'

5 Best Vegan Spots In London according to TripAdvisor2016-11-15T17:47:36+00:00

Best Travel Planning Apps

These days using the internet on a day to day basis is almost unavoidable, and when travelling, can be incredibly helpful. Even if you want to keep your travels unique and spontaneous, these tools can help you get the most out of your adventures. Best tools for transport - local and long distance Moovit transport app    -

Best Travel Planning Apps2016-11-09T19:37:18+00:00

My Experience in Kenya As A Female Traveller

Why Travel To Kenya? Countless Opportunities for adventure, beautiful language, landscapes that will leave you in disbelief, outrageously beautiful coastline, safari trips that will amaze, and vibes that'll have you grinning ear to ear! The people are incredible too... there are just too many reasons to write about! Working in Kenya Volunteering in Kenya is

My Experience in Kenya As A Female Traveller2016-11-01T18:35:11+00:00

Most Beautiful Shots of Congolese landscape

Largely known for its dark history and civil unrest, the Congo is also a place of great beauty. Its vast forests, rivers and savannahs give rise to landscapes of stunning natural beauty. Here are 10 of my favourites. Mount Nyiragongo Located within Virguna National Park surrounded by forests and savannah, Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano standing

Most Beautiful Shots of Congolese landscape2016-10-30T17:49:48+00:00

The MIGHTY South East Coast Australia: Travel Tips and Advice

(South East) Australia is beautiful in a thousand ways It spans over 7 million square kilometers, so it can be difficult deciding where to begin. Whether you love the surf, dense forests, natural streams, or buzzing metropolises, the South East coast can satisfy all your desires. It is possible to travel by train ( www.nswtrainlink.info )

The MIGHTY South East Coast Australia: Travel Tips and Advice2016-10-21T11:35:39+00:00

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Together with extensive travel experience and countless journeys it still amazes me how excited I become when I am provided with the details of my new projects. Capturing the moment on screen, and allowing people to experience a place or a feeling as if they were there is always at the forefront of my mind and the core goal of everything I do.

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