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My Half Day Trip To Bethlehem

And so to Bethlehem. I didn't really want to go to Bethlehem. It was Saturday (Shabat) and on Shabat you're not suppose to do anything. But I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself if I didn't go to Bethlehem. If not for me, for my grandmother. My (Catholic) grandmother is going to LOVE me

My Half Day Trip To Bethlehem2016-09-07T06:21:33+00:00

My Holy Trip To Jerusalem

One of the best aspects of traveling, is the opportunity to experience the vibrancy and diversity of local religions, traditions and cultures. Jerusalem provides many such opportunities. Craaaazy, loud and rude! The zen state of mind I reached in Mitzpe Ramon vanished the moment I stepped off the bus and into the holy city they

My Holy Trip To Jerusalem2016-08-31T13:33:57+00:00

36 Ski Resort Employers in USA Hiring Now

Ski resorts are always hiring. Here is a list of 36 Ski Resort Companies that are hiring in the USA. Ski resort jobs often require little or no experience and pay from $25 per hour and upwards. Positions also vary from bellman, hostess entertainer, instructor, child minder, teacher, sales team, chef, mechanic and more so

36 Ski Resort Employers in USA Hiring Now2016-08-28T10:36:10+00:00

My Hike Trip To Mitzpe Ramon

On the edge of the Ramon crater, at a height of some 300 meters above it, sits the town of Mitzpe Ramon. This pleasant, quiet town, built in the landscape of the largest of the Negev craters, between paths and cliffs, mountains and springs, has recently become a thriving little tourism town. Mitzpe Ramon was founded

My Hike Trip To Mitzpe Ramon2016-08-28T07:38:28+00:00

My Trip To Eilat

They say that all the crazy people all move to Jerusalem and the crazier people move to Eilat. Eilat lays awkwardly in the crack between the borders of Egypt and Jordan. It is Israels southernmost spot and it looks as though it has squeezed itself in between and made just enough space to form a

My Trip To Eilat2016-08-27T09:43:42+00:00

Crossing the Taba, Egypt to Eilat, Israel land Border on foot

Since the 2014 Taba bus bombing on a tourist coach, killing 4 - foreigners are crossing the Egypt - Israel border less and less It took about 20 minutes to cross the border from Taba to Eilat and I didn't pay anything and it was a breeze compared to the nightmare border crossing I did

Crossing the Taba, Egypt to Eilat, Israel land Border on foot2016-08-27T09:39:47+00:00

Ultimate List of Cheap Airfare Sites

This is the ultimate list of cheap airfare sites which can save you money for your current and future travel locally, internationally and globally TheFlightDeal.com - curated flight deals for travelers on a budget skiplagged.com – so good at finding cheap flights, they get sued by major airlines matrix.itasoftware.com - search the entire month to

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Websites For Booking Hotels

List of best online hotel reservation sites around the world. Which site you utilize relies on upon your style of travel, how much ahead of time you are reserving and where you are going. 4HotelsNow.com - Offers worldwide hotel accommodations from luxury to economy style properties. Accommodation Line - Worldwide online hotel reservation with emphasis

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List Of Hostel Booking Websites

List of Top Hostel Booking Websites Hostels are a great way of travelling as they are often cheap and you can interact, hang out and make friends with fellow guests who are staying at the hostel. hostelworld.com – the two leading hostel booking site since it merged with hostelbookers.com hostelz.com – Offers hostels in more than 54,178

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Travel Deal Sites

Discover deals from travel webistes which offer discounts and offers hotels (and packages) around the world. jetsetter.com – Hotel deals around the world groupon.com – Deals for hotels and all exclusive holidays/vacations. LastMinuteTravel.com - Last minute travel deals - airfare, hotels, cruises, cars, holidays/vacations. expedia.com - Find last minute holidays deals - Expedia offers special last minute

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Together with extensive travel experience and countless journeys it still amazes me how excited I become when I am provided with the details of my new projects. Capturing the moment on screen, and allowing people to experience a place or a feeling as if they were there is always at the forefront of my mind and the core goal of everything I do.

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