My solo festival experience at Summerjam

My festival buddy pulled out at the last minute due to a sudden death in his family. Going to a festival alone I really considered not going because the idea of going to huge festival alone is a bit daunting. I've done it before spontaneously while travelling but never planned. These things are definitely better

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My Trip To Copenhagen

Everything I thought Copenhagen to be was a myth. The first thing I thought when the plane was landing was.. OMG WE'RE LANDING ON WATER. You can't see the land at all so it gives the wrong impression... I took the 20minute train ride to the city center and strolled around. I walked into Tivoli

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Exploring The Streets Of Lyon

Gosh its beautiful here. And just what I needed after the hideous break up with my ex. Lyon is rich in atmosphere, people and the city moves at a good pace. Not too fast, not sluggishly slow I walked alot in Lyon, I mean ALOT. It is one of the more cleaner French cities. Calm,

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Macedonia: Road Trip

Macedonia by far is the most visually impressive and modern Balcan country in Eastern Europe. Skopje is a million times cleaner and better developed then, let say Pristina, Kosovo or Sarajevo, Bosnia After driving in late at night from Kosovo it was a big awakening to see such a city like this. I was taken

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The notorious overnight train Belgrade to Budapest

Is the 'nightmare' overnight train from Belgrade to Budapest really dangerous? Many people have terrifying experiences about the overnight train from Belgrade, Serbia to Budapest, Hungary. I am here to tell you about my own experience riding this train alone, as a solo female black (mentioned for novelty purposes) traveller. There are 3 affordable ways

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(unexpected) Milan Travel Experience

I think that Milan is an overrated city to travel to. Jan, 2015 I am in Milan. The only thing that interests me is the prospect of meeting somebody interesting.. Also its so modelly that sometimes I even feel like I could be scouted as a supermodel (haha wishful thinking) Otherwise.. Its just this big

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About My Work

Together with extensive travel experience and countless journeys it still amazes me how excited I become when I am provided with the details of my new projects. Capturing the moment on screen, and allowing people to experience a place or a feeling as if they were there is always at the forefront of my mind and the core goal of everything I do.

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