6 Best Dating Sites To Use While Travelling

Travel sentiments are a major reward of long and fleeting travel. We as a whole need a little TLC now and again. Maybe as another companion, an easygoing attach or something genuine. These apps are globally used so regardless of where you will be, you can login and discover your suitor. Tinder Tinder then discovers [...]

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5 Best Vegan Spots In London according to TripAdvisor

Personally I think that this list is Bogus. Perhaps because I'm from London that I don't follow the trip advisor tourist traps. But here it goes anyway.. Here are the top 5 Vegan Spots in London According To Trip Advisor based on cuisines (vegan/veggie) and ranking. 5. Pret A Manger - 556 Oxford Street Quick, 'apparently' [...]

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Best Travel Planning Apps

These days using the internet on a day to day basis is almost unavoidable, and when travelling, can be incredibly helpful. Even if you want to keep your travels unique and spontaneous, these tools can help you get the most out of your adventures. Best tools for transport - local and long distance Moovit transport app    - [...]

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Travelling With DreadLocs – Best on the go do’s

Having dreadlocks may be one of the most convenient travel hair dos. No need to wash, no need to brush, and above all - dreads can play host to all those little souvenirs you wouldn't know what else to do with.... be it shells, beads, feathers or beautiful fabrics. Even Celina (editor) had fauxlocs for a [...]

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My Experience in Kenya As A Female Traveller

Why Travel To Kenya? Countless Opportunities for adventure, beautiful language, landscapes that will leave you in disbelief, outrageously beautiful coastline, safari trips that will amaze, and vibes that'll have you grinning ear to ear! The people are incredible too... there are just too many reasons to write about! Working in Kenya Volunteering in Kenya is [...]

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Most Beautiful Shots of Congolese landscape

Largely known for its dark history and civil unrest, the Congo is also a place of great beauty. Its vast forests, rivers and savannahs give rise to landscapes of stunning natural beauty. Here are 10 of my favourites. Mount Nyiragongo Located within Virguna National Park surrounded by forests and savannah, Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano standing [...]

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The MIGHTY South East Coast Australia: Travel Tips and Advice

(South East) Australia is beautiful in a thousand ways It spans over 7 million square kilometers, so it can be difficult deciding where to begin. Whether you love the surf, dense forests, natural streams, or buzzing metropolises, the South East coast can satisfy all your desires. It is possible to travel by train ( www.nswtrainlink.info ) [...]

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5 Most Popular Vegan Take Outs in New York, NYC According to Yelp

No need to be a hungry vegan in New York. Take your pick from the top 5 vegan take out spots in New York according to Yelp based on ratings and reviews - perfect for  those lazy days. Go Zen Vegan-Asian-Fusion with many choices, attentive staff, and large portions. 144 W 4th St (at West Village, [...]

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