Restaurant | Best of 2018

The moment you walk in you feel like you’re in another world, with its beautiful rustic architecture and interior design it is easy to be whisked away to another place. Upon meeting Oscar it is evident that Che is exactly where it is supposed to be. Oscars laid back nature oozes into his space that he co-owns with business partner Bernardo.

Starting off in the markets years ago, the duo was always being told to open up a shop. Upon the entrepreneurial boom almost a decade ago in Maboneng they found the perfect piece of real estate to open up their restaurant.

Aside from how beautiful it is inside, the dancers they have every first Tuesday of the month or the fact that the staff is warm and welcoming; they’re food and wine selection is amazing! With a big fire stove in the middle of the restaurant its easy to want everything on the menu.

If you haven’t been to Maboneng, this restaurant may change your mind!