They say that all the crazy people all move to Jerusalem and the crazier people move to Eilat.

Eilat lays awkwardly in the crack between the borders of Egypt and Jordan. It is Israels southernmost spot and it looks as though it has squeezed itself in between and made just enough space to form a city.

I walked the border from Taba, Egypt to Eilat, Israel stress free almost as though I was in a rush. For information about crossing the border from Egypt to Israel please click here. I was in a rush to leave Egypt – putting it nicely, I’d had enough of Egypt and needed a change of mentality.

The moment I cross the border from Taba to Eilat, into Israel I felt welcome.

The border is on the coast and I immediately saw people young and old, shirtless and in bikinis enjoying the beach and the water. I walked along into Eilat on the border road and passed men and women with dreadlocks, sides of their heads shaven, piercings and tattoos. It was a mixed bag of people. Multicultural too. The type you see in places like Berlin, London or Barcelona. For a few moments I stood stunned. How was it that 10 meters away in Egypt things were so so different. Eilat and its people symbolized everything that Egypt didn’t. The people expressed their individuality freely through their style, I saw alternative, hippy, nerdy, retro, emo, diva and boy next door all in one. I didn’t even stand out… Unlike in Egypt, nobody acknowledged me as different. In fact, i blended in so much that until I spoke English, everyone assumed I was from Israel.

Eilat is small so you can walk from one end to the other in a day.

The strange thing about it is that there is an airport right in the center of the city. Unlike most airports which are situated in a vast, quiet location close (rarely inside) the city, Eilat airport is a part of the city’s infrastructure. It neighbors hotels, shopping centers, canyons the beach, bars, schools, houses. This means that you can can look above and see several planes landing and departing in a day. It must be the tightest place to land ever. I am surprised that there are no accidents. Another strange thing about Eilat is that they have no traffic lights. The took them all out and replaced them with mini roundabouts. – another strange thing about Eilat is that the addresses are called only by their numbers. For example; 113 or 467 and not 113 fungi road.

Eilat city is a little gem.

The secret of this little city’s charm is its special location in the northern end of the Bay of Eilat. The combination of a hot climate, a tropical sea and a breathtaking background of wild, bare granite mountains has turned it into a tourist gem all the year round. It has sparks of magic everywhere. I was happy to spend 90% of my time there on the beach relaxing and snorkelling and meeting the fish of the Red Sea. A snug little town by the Red Sea, with perfect weather all year round, beautiful views, clean environment that is so important these days. It may be because I’d just come from Egypt, but I was really pleased to be in Eilat. I was 100% happy… The strains of being in a closed society left me and I was comfortable.

Cool things to do in Eilat

Ice Mall & Park

Eilat Mountains

Beaches; Dekel Beach, Princess Beach, Mosh’s Beach

Red Sea parasailing

Camel Ranch

Rope Park


Taba to Eilat Border